In anticipation of the celebration of the Day of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the 21st CHAMPIONSHIP OF «КАЗЦИНК» was held. Over 100 exclusive «КАЗЦИНК» medals scattered around the cities along with participants in the 21st Championship of the company. For two days, «КАЗЦИНК» athletes vigorously disputed the title of strongest, “brutally” defended national teams and zealously defended the honor of their cities.

Not a battle of cities, but the friendship of united teams, which include employees of company divisions from different parts of the country – this is the format of the Championship, which rallied the already friendly «КАЗЦИНК» family. Including the organizers themselves. The event is traditionally held jointly by the company and the union. The company finances many projects, supports its athletes in the national teams of cities, districts, regions. Helps with inventory and equipment as a sponsor.

Having covered almost the entire«КАЗЦИНК» geography, the XXI Championship was held in the following sports: volleyball, basketball, futsal, weight-lifting, table tennis, swimming, cross-country. The final chord was the battle of cities to pull the rope for the Championship Cup, in which the Altai GOK team became the first. The result of 2 competitive days was more than 146 medals and cash prizes. Absolutely all athletes of the XXI Games of «КАЗЦИНК» LLP received them: prize-winners – for leadership, participants – for the will to win. “By and large, we are all one team, we work together, together we reach the heights in production and in sport,” concluded Sergey Soldatov, chairman of the trade union of «КАЗЦИНК»  LLP. – Of course, the opportunity to meet and chat with colleagues from different regions is worth a lot. Active in everything are always the best of the best, so I believe that every participant in the Championship feels proud of everything that happens. – Super sports day! – hugging their Cup, the thought was supported by the «КАЗЦИНК» Altai mining and processing enterprise. – Cool, a wave of emotions! More such games. We will try and … win! We will train.