As part of the World Day for Decent Work, held annually on October 7 by the International Labor Organization by the local union “Almaty International Airport”, the action “Decent Work is the Right of Every Worker” was held.

The report was made by D. Altybaev – Chairman of the local union, who noted that people will work with greater return where they feel constant concern for improving working conditions. The administration of Almaty International Airport JSC creates working conditions, workers are provided with overalls, wages are paid in a timely manner, services ensuring labor safety and protection work well, a conciliation commission works, a production council is created and works, and the terms of the collective agreement are observed.

During the year, wages for low-paid workers were increased. Severe or fatal accidents did not occur. During the action, more than 40 employees who have common illnesses and are disabled, but who continue to work, were awarded cash prizes.