The delegation of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, led by the chairman of the FPRK, Yeraly Tugzhanov, visited the branch of NC KTZ “Fortieth mechanized track distance” (PChM — Fortieth).

During a meeting with the labor collective, issues of safety and labor protection, as well as key aspects of the modernization of the trade union movement were discussed.

During the conversation, Yeraly Tugzhanov got acquainted with the working conditions of workers, compliance with labor protection requirements, payment of wages and compliance with legislative standards related to the regulation of labor relations.

Director of the enterprise Saparbek Nazyrov spoke about the activities of the enterprise, which specializes in the construction and repair of railways, the technical maintenance of railway tracks using track machines. According to him, the organization employs 531 people and all of them are members of the trade union.

According to the collective agreement, social benefits are provided for employees, including additional days for vacation, surcharges to tariff rates from 5% to 12%, as well as sanatorium-resort vouchers for the recovery of employees with a minimum payment of 10% of the total voucher amount.

At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions gave a positive assessment to the working conditions of workers, noting in this the important role of the work of the primary trade union organization.

The next point of visit was the capital’s bus fleet number 1.

The enterprise management organized a familiarization tour of the enterprise.

The Chairman of the Management Board of Bus Fleet No. 1 JSC Nurmakhan Pulatov informed that as of today the number of fleet employees is 1800 people, of which 1100 are members of the trade union.

According to the collective agreement, workers are provided with charitable, material assistance, extra days for annual leave, and sanatorium-resort vouchers.

The company serves 29 urban, 18 suburban and 3 express routes or 60% of the total transportation in the capital. Currently, the fleet has 650 buses on its balance sheet, of which 462 buses leave daily for passenger transportation. The company also serves such socially important routes as transporting schoolchildren and country cottages.

Currently, the trade union organization of the park, through the production council, is undertaking work to improve the health of workers. Particular attention is paid to the improvement of bus drivers.

On the eve of Trade Union Day, the Trade Union Center of Nur-Sultan presented a car park with a tennis table for organizing sports activities for employees.

The head of FPRK noted that sporting events at the enterprise are designed to increase the incentive to work and develop a person in all directions, both social and professional.