Unions have long been synonymous with justice and the struggle for workers’ rights. All over the world, the authority and influence of trade union organizations is growing. Many world leaders once began their advocacy work in the ranks of trade unions. Kazakh unions also have a long and glorious history. Despite the disappearance of the former system of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions and Kazsovprof, trade union leaders managed to maintain the bulk of the primary trade union organizations. The Law “On Trade Unions” of the Republic of Kazakhstan was adopted in 2014 and this made adjustments to the work of primary organizations, most of which were combined in branch trade unions and ROOs, and some part ceased to exist. The Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, adopted in November 2015, introduced additional difficulties in protecting the social and labor rights of workers. In these realities, unions continue to bear responsibility for their members, actively defending their rights and legally proving the need for changes in labor laws. Now there are already hundreds of amendments to the Labor Code and there is hope that a new version of this important document will be adopted!

But this year there was reason for joy. By the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 22, 2019, October 10 was declared an official holiday – the Day of Trade Unions! The first deputy chairman of the FPRK Dauletalin Satybaldy Telagysovich, the deputy chairman of the Almaty city branch of the Nur Otan party Arman Beisembaevich, the acting head of the social welfare department of the city of Almaty Daniyar кеlkebayetuly, the deputy director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty, came to congratulate the two hundred thousandth united collective of trade unions of the city of Almaty. Askarovich, veterans of the trade union movement and social partners. In the assembly hall of the house of trade unions, heads of branches of branch trade unions, chairmen of primary organizations and active members gathered, among whom there were many new young leaders. The Keleshek Youth Council distributed 500 invitation tickets to the matches of the Almaty hockey club in the coming days to the leaders of industry and primary organizations.

The holiday began with the sounds of ancient national instruments. Ethnic-folklore ensemble “Babalar Sazy” performed kui “Adai”. And then throughout the solemn event sounded melodic national music, favorite songs and dances performed by invited artists. After that, the chairman of FPRK Togzhanov Eraly Lukpanovich addressed the audience and congratulated everyone on Trade Union Day! First Deputy Chairman of FPRK Dauletalin S.T. He supplemented the congratulation with his thoughts, where he drew attention to the particular relevance of protecting the human rights of labor – “The union of active, caring, dedicated people — this can also be called trade unions. For 115 years now, trade unions have been able to strong, active, determined to fulfill their high mission – to adequately represent and consistently protect the interests of people whose life, study and work shape the future of Kazakhstan. Times are changing, but the social role of trade union organizations remains unchanged. Many resources in the world are important, but the most basic is the Labor Man. Only he helps to use other resources for the good and rationally. ”

He further awarded T.A. – Member of the industry union of workers of medium and small businesses “YNTYMAQ”, Letter of thanks of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhomart B.N. – Member of the азstaz ’trade union, badge of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Үzdik әleumettik әrіptes’, Chairman of the Board of Almaty Electric Networks Mukhamed-Rakhimov N.T. For the active support of his trade union organization. Also Taisigarin A.T. was awarded with the badge of the FPRK “Ksіpodaққa sinіrgen ңbegi үshіn” (The «staz trade union) and B. Sydykov (Local trade union “Seriktes”). A number of other active members were awarded with Certificates of Appreciation and Letters of Appreciation from the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Nur Otan Party, diplomas in the nominations “Best Labor Dynasty”, “Best Youth Mentor”, “Best Young Specialist”.

The judges of the Almaty City Court, Zheksembinova Orazbike Olzhagulovna, who spoke with greetings, especially emphasized the role of the Ortalyғy Center of Reconciliation, created on the basis of the Trade Union Center of the city of Almaty, which provides legal and mediation assistance, legal advice to all citizens. Pre-trial dispute resolution is the most civilized and effective means of resolving conflicts.

The closing congratulation was made by the chairman of the Territorial Organization of Trade Unions “Trade Union Center of Almaty” Umirbaeva Zauresh Abilgozhanovna. She spoke about the successes and problems of the trade union organization of the city, uniting 750 primary organizations. “The main task facing us is to make trade union organizations strong, authoritative, effective, capable of truly protecting the rights of workers. The main direction in our work is the establishment of direct ties directly with local labor collectives, their primary trade union organizations, which accumulate the whole range of questions and expectations of the working class and the trade union movement ”she emphasized. Umirbaeva expressed special gratitude to the veterans of the trade union movement in Almaty – Batyrov Bulat Gabdugalievich, Akhmetova Raya Zhurabaevna, Kunirova Rosa Imashevna!

After that there was a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the competitions in the nominations “The Best Primary Organization”, “The Best Technical Inspector”, “Effective Work at Attracting Memberships in Trade Unions”, “The Most Sports Trade Union Organization”, “The Best Promotion in the Media and Social Networks”, “ Youth Leader. ” All winners received valuable prizes and gifts. Solemn event ended with a festive concert. In the hall in front of the assembly hall, joyful union members were photographed in memory of the stands of branch unions, where one could see all their achievements. The very fact of having a separate holiday gave an additional impetus to the trade union movement, emphasizing their growing role in modern society.