Professional visit to the Mangystau region.

A two-day working visit to the region began with a visit to the museum of the People’s Writer, Hero of Labor, laureate of the State Prize for Retribution for Outstanding Contemporary Art.

“Abish Kekilbaev was a hardworking man and wrote his works for human labor.” Today, thanks to hard work, the memory of an outstanding person, a museum is opened, his books are published, the works of the great writer are staged in theaters, ”emphasized Yeraly Tugzhanov.

The head of FPRK expressed gratitude to the workers who contributed to the construction of the museum and published their labor letters of thanks.

On the same day, the meeting of the Chairman of the FPRK, Eraly Tugzhanov, with the akim of the Mangystau region Serikbay Trumov took place.

Welcoming the chairman of the FPRK, the main activity of the trade unions is the protection of the interests and labor rights of workers, as well as the construction of constructive relations between workers and employers. According to Serikbay Trumov, trade unions work at many large enterprises in the Mangistau region. More than 80 thousand workers are trade unions.

“The work of the trade unions of the Mangystau region has been put at the proper level,” Serikbay Trumov emphasized.

In turn, the head of the FPRK Eraly Tugzhanov dwelt on the problems of social and labor relations, which today concern society, trade unions and labor collectives.

Employment and protection of workers’ rights are generally prohibited.

“Federal professional bodies cannot pay attention to the fact that government bodies do not always comply with the rules regarding foreign labor forces, allow disrespectful treatment of Kazakhstani workers, and explicit and implicit disregard for national legislation. All this creates the prerequisites for social tension, ”Eraly Tugzhanov emphasized.

To reduce the level of social tension, as emphasized by the Chairman of the FPRK, active interaction of employers with local executive bodies and trade unions, as well as the redistribution and placement of senior employees and the subsequent clear implementation by the employer of their obligations are necessary.

3 collective labor disputes were officially registered. As a result, 17 social and labor disputes were recorded. The number of social and labor disputes detected in the first half of the year was recorded in the Mangystau region – six cases.

The universal agreement was intended to intensify work in this direction.

Currently, there are 10,200 enterprises in the Mangystau region, 1,488 collective agreements have been concluded, covering 14.6%.

Eraly Tugzhanov emphasized the need to intensify work to ensure occupational safety and labor protection.

For 9 months of 2019, 38 people suffered as a result of industrial accidents.