FPRK Chairman Eraly Tugzhanov met with employees of large enterprises in the Mangystau region.

The two-day working trip of Yeraly Tugzhanov to the Mangystau region continued with meetings with the work teams of two large enterprises in the region.

The head of FPRK visited the oil field in the village. Zhetybai, where he met with employees of the Oil Services Company LLP, a similar meeting took place at the CASPI BITUM joint venture. Eraly Tugzhanov personally talked with the employees of the enterprises, discussing current issues of social and labor relations. The staff of each enterprise is about three thousand employees, 90 percent of which are members of trade unions.

In total, in the Mangystau region, out of 10,200 operating enterprises, only 4%, or 397 trade union organizations, are covered by trade unions.

During the meetings, the President of the Federation touched upon the issues of providing safe jobs and decent working conditions. He expressed concern about industrial accidents that continue to take their lives.

“In the Mangystau region, as of October 1, 2019, 40 workers were injured in the workplace, 2 people were killed, 2 people were injured in group accidents,” Yeraly Tugzhanov said.

The FPRK Head called the main factors of preserving human resources the improvement of internal control mechanisms and the increase of responsibility of both employees and employers.

Eraly Tugzhanov also emphasized the important role of trade unions in protecting the rights and interests of workers.

“At enterprises where there are trade unions, safe working conditions and social stability are ensured. Cooperating with a trade union, the employer receives a partner in resolving social and personal issues of employees, as well as an assistant in resolving labor disputes and observing labor laws, ”said the Chairman of the FPRK.

At the same time, it was noted that trade union organizations should not only be in oil companies, but also in contractor organizations that they attract.

On the same day, the Head of the FPRK visited the veteran of the trade union movement Imamadi Ainaliev, for many years of impeccable work awarded the badge of the Federation of Trade Unions«Кәсіподақ ардагері» in honor of the Day of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, the celebration of which was first officially held on October 10, 2019.

Imamadi Ainaliev devoted about 40 years of his life to trade union work as the chairman of the Regional Committee of Trade Unions of State Institutional Workers and the Chairman of the Mangystau Regional Council of Trade Unions. He was a member of the Disciplinary Council of the Mangystau region.

Eraly Tugzhanov noted the significant contribution of the veteran to the development of the country’s trade union movement.

For reference: Zhetybai, the first-born of the Mangystau oil industry, in July 1961 announced to the whole world the presence of innumerable natural resources of the region. LLP Oil Services Company, is a structural subdivision of JSC Mangystau munai gas. The main activity is the provision of oil services:

· drilling and development of oil and gas wells;

· capital and underground well repairs;

· chemicalization of technological processes of oil production;

· transport services and other activities on the basis of a license.


The bitumen production plant in Aktau has been operating since 2013. The main direction in the work: oil refining with the production of oxidized and modified road bitumen.

The capacity of the oil refinery (design) is 1.0 million tons per year.

Oil is supplied from the Karazhan bas field through the KazTransOil JSC pipeline system – 220 km long.