The fight against violence against women and the fight against violence against women in the framework of the campaign “Start the fight against violence against women.”

During the meeting, topical issues of violence against women and measures to eliminate it were discussed.

According to Gulnara Zhumageldieva, November 25th was declared the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

“Today in the world, violence against women continues to be a global pandemic. Up to 70% of women suffer from domestic violence. According to the UN, 35% of women and girls in the world have been subjected to violence or violence throughout their lives. The effects of violence against women persist for generations. Violation of an individual’s rights. Full public rejection and an appropriate legislative base should be opposed, ”G. Zhumageldieva emphasized.

In addition, the International Labor Conference adopted Convention No. 190 on the Elimination of Violence and Harassment in the Workplace, which provides unions with an exceptional opportunity to combat gender-based violence.

It was decided that the FPRK supports the campaign to counter actual violence in the world of work and to implement these standards in accordance with the law and in the workplace.

A commission for the working women’s affairs created by the FPRK is one of the active representatives of trade union organizations that monitor the social self-improvement of working women and initiate serious issues for discussion.

Universal participation in trade unions of Kazakhstan will be held in the format of December 25 to December 10, when Human Rights Day is celebrated.