The seminar is held by the Trade Center of the Kostanai region on an ongoing basis for the trade union asset of all sectors.

During the event, issues of compliance with labor protection safety were discussed, as well as current problems and solutions.

Addressing the participants, Eraly Tugzhanov informed about measures taken by the FPRK to ensure safety and labor protection. According to the Chairman of FPRK, the issues of ensuring safe working conditions are under special control at all levels of social partnership, and this practice continues under the Safe Work program. Eraly Tugzhanov noted that as a result of the implementation of the program, the number of workers injured during the performance of their labor duties over the 10 months of 2019 decreased by 12.5%.

However, according to the head of FPRK, concern is caused by industrial accidents, which are mainly associated with preventable factors.

For reference: As of November 1, 2019, 77 workers were injured in the Kostanai region, of which 7 were killed. In total, 1,069 people were injured in the republic, 129 workers were killed.

Tugzhanov: “Career guidance HUBs will help solve the problems of the shortage of specialists in working professions”

The head of the FPRK visited the primary organization of trade unions of SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP, which is the flagship of the republic’s mechanical engineering, actively attracting investment.

Eraly Tugzhanov inquired about the problematic issues of the enterprise and the working conditions of the company’s employees.

The most urgent problem of the enterprise is the lack of personnel. Meanwhile, the Trade Center of the Kostanay region is assisting in resolving the issue. With the support of the trade union center, a memorandum on joint work to reduce the labor shortage was signed between the enterprise, the Department of Education and the territorial association of trade unions, a unique vocational guidance program from 2 to 29 years was launched, work was intensified with the enterprise’s training center with a category of school graduates without professional specialization .

The program consists of five modules and is a set of measures for the vocational guidance of children and youth from a preschool organization to training centers in the workplace.

The main objectives of the Program are:

– Providing career guidance support in the timely selection of a profession, institution of vocational education, other forms of vocational training;

– Formation of a motivational basis for children and youth for professional education;

– providing graduates of educational institutions with the necessary information about the “modern look” of professions and career opportunities;

– increasing the attractiveness of working professions among students and graduates of institutions of general secondary, special education;

– the formation of an information environment for career guidance;

– development of a flexible system of interaction and social partnership in organizing a system of career guidance development and formation.

According to the Memorandum in the Kostanai region, a career-oriented HUB was created.

According to the Chairman of the FPRK, career guidance experience implemented at enterprises of the Kostanay region by the Trade Center of the region together with social partners can be an effective basis not only for popularizing the prestige of working professions among young people, but also a mechanism for solving the problem of the shortage of sought-after specialists in the country’s regions.

At the oldest enterprise of light industry revive the trade union

The trip program of the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan continued with a visit to the Bolshevichka production cooperative.

Eraly Tugzhanov emphasized the high social significance of the Bolshevichka cooperative for the region. At the same time, he praised the development of the enterprise, which, after the crisis years of decline in the light industry of the region, managed to restore production volumes.

Today, the company has created inclusive jobs for employing young professionals with special needs, as well as a dual training class. Shift work allows women with many children to work at the enterprise.

During a meeting with the head of FPRK, it became known that an initiative group has been organized in the cooperative, which is working on the revival of the trade union organization. Eraly Tugzhanov noted the importance of creating primary trade union organizations by employees of small enterprises in resolving issues of compliance with their labor rights. Currently, there are 1,462 trade union organizations operating in the region in 14 sectors, which include more than 120 thousand union members. Coverage of trade union membership in the Kostanay region is only 12.9% of 10 614 operating enterprises.