On December 20, FPRK Chairman Yeraly Tugzhanov took part in the 1st Republican Forum of Primary Trade Union Organizations of the Healthcare System “Senim” in Aktobe.

The First Republican Forum of Primary Trade Union Organizations of the Health Care System, organized by the Senim Branch Trade Union, gathered on its site more than 1,200 participants from all regions of the country. Among them are deputies of the Parliament, representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, the Akimat of Aktobe Oblast and professional communities of the medical industry.

Welcoming the forum participants, the Head of the FPRK focused on the trade union support of health workers in their professional activities.

“High-profile criminal cases against doctors have demonstrated to the general public that doctors are not protected from professional risks and in some cases are subject to criminal prosecution for medical errors. We carefully monitor the situation with the observance of the rights of medical workers. For example, regarding the situation with medical workers in the Perinatal Center of Atyrau, the FPRK made an official statement in which it called on the competent state authorities to refrain from taking measures that violate the rights of health workers, ”said Yeraly Tuganzhanov.

Among the priority areas of FPRK’s activities were measures to strengthen state guarantees for health workers, including raising the salaries of medical workers.

“After several devaluations, the salary of Kazakhstani doctors in dollars decreased significantly compared to the salaries of colleagues in neighboring countries. For example, doctors in Belarus receive $ 500, in Russia $ 968, and in Kazakhstan $ 429, ”said the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions.

Meanwhile, according to the Republican Center for Health Development, the lowest salaries in the country are doctors in the Aktobe region – 110.2 thousand tenge, and the highest – in Astana – 170.5 thousand tenge.

The head of the FPRK assured that the issue of doctors’ salaries is one of the main issues on the union agenda.

Yeraly Tugzhanov noted the important role of medical workers in maintaining the health of the population.

“I think our Kazakhstani doctors today should firmly stand on the positions of preventing the deterioration of public health. Up to 1000 primary forms of occupational diseases are registered in Kazakhstan annually, of which more than half entail a permanent disability.

It is important to work on advancing diseases through improving health care requirements for jobs, through tightening control over the certification of jobs, through the creation of occupational health services at enterprises, ”said the Head of FPRK.

The forum participants discussed issues of raising the prestige of the profession and the level of trust in medical workers, youth leadership in the activities of trade unions.

Following the discussion of pressing issues of health care workers, the Forum participants adopted a Resolution addressed to members of the Parliament and Government.

The resolution noted the problems of the insufficient level of state financing of the industry, the imperfection of public control in healthcare, the shortage of medical personnel, as well as the

importance of improving working conditions and the socio-economic situation of medical workers. For reference: The SENIM Healthcare Industry Trade Union unites 220 thousand people.