WOC refused foreign workers at oil and gas deposits

Foreign workers were abandoned at the fields of Western Kazakhstan, zakon.kz reports citing Astana TV channel.

Such a decision was made in the regional akimat. Officials believe that in this way they will be able to employ more local residents. Mostly foreign electric welders and installers will be fired from mining. According to officials, in this way it will be possible to free about 50 jobs.

“There is understanding on the part of the operators, we have already drawn up a plan for the next years, when and how many people they will attract to their projects. We all know that in the next 2-3 years there will be an expansion of field development, respectively, we have 2-3 years in order to prepare. It may take time to prepare. The region has an acute shortage of workers. Before filling vacancies on Karachaganak it is necessary to train dozens of personnel. For this, special educational centers will be opened in local colleges, ”said Mukhtar Mankeev, first deputy akim of the WKO.

He also announced his intentions to raise the level and competence of potential employees to international standards.

“This is a professional continuing education. That is, it’s not yesterday’s schoolchildren, it’s the people who left college, who are already working. Our task is to raise their level, their competence to international standards, ”summed up the deputy.

It is wrоth noting that the share of Kazakhstani specialists in foreign companies is growing annually. According to the akimat, over 9 years it has grown from 89% to 94%. The number of foreigners decreased by 5%.

“For 19 year, according to WKO, a quota of 3,361 units was allocated. This year for 2020, the Ministry of Labor and Social. In Kazakhstan’s defense, the quota for WKO was distributed in the amount of 1,440 units, as you see, the quota has already been halved, ”said Azat Gusmanova, head of the department for coordination, employment and social programs of the WKO.

On Karachaganak, they did not comment on the decision to dismiss foreigners. The company’s specialists sent only a written response to our request, where they explained that workers from abroad would be employed in other oil and gas projects. In addition, KPO allocates hundreds of millions of dollars to train local professionals.

Recall that in recent years, workers often went on strike to attract the attention of the authorities. They demanded the same salaries and working conditions that are provided to foreigners. Earlier, Labor Minister Birzhan Nurymbetov proposed that the government cut the quota for attracting foreign labor by almost half and inspect enterprises with foreign workers more often.