Consolidated approach – mobile solution!

On January 21, 2020, the “Trade Union Center of Pavlodar Region” organized a campaign “Mobile Consulting Center on Wheels” for employees of the Eastern Industrial Zone of Pavlodar on a specialized tram. The purpose of the action is to clarify the provisions of the legislation on the assignment of pensions and benefits, on labor, on medical social insurance, on social insurance, on pension contributions, on employment and social programs, on liability for violation of labor legislation.

To this end, the Trade Center attracted its partners with whom it constantly works with the population of the State Institution “Labor Administration of Pavlodar Region”, the RSU “Department of the Committee for Labor, Social Protection and Migration in Pavlodar Region”, the branch “State Social Insurance Fund for the Pavlodar Region”, State Institution “ Office for Coordination of Employment and Social Programs ”, a branch of the NAO“ Social Health Insurance Fund ”in the Pavlodar region”, Pavlodar regional branch of the “Unified accumulative pension fund”.

The route of the mobile Consultation Point was chosen as the most convenient and demanded for the townspeople, tram route No. 1 – from the Tram Department to the enterprises of the Eastern industrial zone and vice versa.

The choice of the location of the action is due to the fact that trams are the most convenient, affordable and popular form of urban transport for employees of enterprises of the Eastern Industrial Zone.

And in a specialized tram, it’s convenient to get advice along the way, in view of equipping with comfortable furniture, where it was possible to connect computer equipment, WiFi.

There were many people who wished to receive advice on matters of interest relating to various areas of life from concluding an employment contract, social insurance, pension contributions, medical insurance to receiving social targeted assistance, and the procedure for calculating pensions and benefits. Passengers – workers of enterprises of the Eastern industrial zone did not go out at their stops, it was important for them to get advice from specialists – participants of the action. With words of gratitude and wishes to regularly continue such work with the population, passengers left a special tram.

“We are looking for new ways to interact with the population on labor law issues, we do not wait for people to come to us for legal advice, we go to the workers of the enterprises ourselves,” said M. Ivanova, Head of the Tatulasu Ortalygy Mediation Center

“A complete surprise after the end of the working day for me was the invitation of the trade unions to ride on a specialized tram, where there is free travel and consultation. My family and I are all working, and often I don’t have time to go to the authorities to get answers to questions of interest. For the first time I received advice in public transport, I learned a lot of new information, such assistance to trade unions in clarifying laws is convenient, timely and arouses a feeling of gratitude, ”said the passenger, the builder of one of the contracting organizations, K. Kaliev.

“This action was made possible thanks to its organization by the Trade Union Center of Pavlodar Region. On July 9, 2019, on such a tram, we consulted all interested passengers following route No. 5, and today the tram followed route No. 1 and consultations could be received by workers of enterprises of the Eastern industrial zone after the work shift at 17 hours, which was convenient and necessary for them “, – commented the result of the action, the head of the branch of the State Social Insurance Fund for Pavlodar region A. Kapenova.