“Memory action”: trade unions found the first relative of a soldier buried in Ivanovo

Іn the search for relatives of 108 Kazakhstani soldiers of the Great Patriotic War buried in military cemeteries of the Ivanovo region of the Russian Federation, Kauhitov Kairat Zharasovich, the grandson of Private Abdurakhmanov Kaukgit, responded.

According to the International Foundation “Eurasian Dialogue”, which searches for warriors who are missing and died during the Great Patriotic War, Private Abdurakhmanov Kaukgit, born in 1901, died May 9, 1943 and was buried on the military site of the Sosnevo general cemetery in Ivanovo, Russia Federation.

The trade union center of the North Kazakhstan region actively connected to the Memory Action, initiated by the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the year of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. So, lists with the names of 108 Kazakhstani soldiers who died on the battlefields were posted in regional, city and district mass media to familiarize themselves and assist in the search for their relatives. Also, trade unions connected the department and regional departments for defense affairs, the state archive of the North Kazakhstan region, the regional, city and district councils of veterans, the trade union asset of the region, labor collectives, students and volunteers to this work.

As a result of joint actions of all the participants in the action, the grandson of one of the soldiers, Kauhitov Kairat Zharasovich, who lives in the village of Kirillovka in the Ayyrtau district of the North Kazakhstan region, was found.

Kairat Kaukhitov received the news with great joy and plans to visit the burial place of his grandfather Abdurakhmanov Kaukgit with relatives in the near future.

It is gratifying to note that Kairat Kaukhitov works as a deputy director in the agricultural partnership “Kkzhaylau Grein”, in which a trade union organization has been created and is active. The chairman of the primary organization is Zosko Anatoly Vasilievich. The enterprise was a repeated participant in the republican contest on social responsibility of business “Paryz”, has a collective agreement with an increased social component for employees.

The SKO trade union center to perpetuate the memory of fallen soldiers continues to search for the native soldiers of Victory who conquered the world at the cost of their lives.