The interdepartmental Commission under the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Yerala Tugzhanov, considered issues related to the current epidemiological situation and made a number of specific decisions aimed at restoring areas of activity and ensuring employment, including the issue of restoring the former industrial activities of sanatoriums and hotels subordinate to the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The initiative to consider resorts and hotels FTURK in the list of economic entities, whose activity is allowed from 1 June this year, the meeting was voiced by the first Deputy Chairman of the FTURK Mukhtar Tinikeev.

In particular, he noted that due to the beginning of the holiday period, the Federation of trade unions receives a significant number of requests for the organization of rest and rehabilitation of employees.

According to Mukhtar Tinikeyev, since the first days of declaring a state of Emergency in Kazakhstan and introducing a quarantine regime, the Federation of trade unions has taken possible measures to support the state and society in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

In order to reduce the risk of spreading the pandemic, the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan decided to provide its assets for the needs of the state during the state of emergency on аree basis.

Thus, three hotels and three sanatoriums of the FTURK were allocated for quarantine measures — the sanatoriums ” Koktem “in Almaty,” Zhanakorgan “in Kyzylorda region,” Merke “in Zhambyl region, as well as the hotels” Akmolaturist ” in Nur-Sultan,” Saryarka “in Pavlodar and” Oskementurist ” in Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Since the FTURK trade Union health resorts were granted quarantine measures, about three thousand people have become their guests, including medical workers, police officers and other employees involved in the fight against coronavirus, as well as employees working on a shift basis.

During this time, the management and staff of the institutions were provided with the most comfortable conditions for their full rest and safe living.

Meanwhile, the first Deputy Chairman of the FTURK noted that the forced suspension of the activities of the above-mentioned entities entailed significant financial losses.

According to him, the resumption of work of trade Union health resorts will allow returning to the workplace more than two thousand workers who are in forced labor, as well as improve the health of workers.

For his part, Mukhtar Tinikeyev assured that compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological norms and requirements is under special control of the FTURK.

Following the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Yeraly Tugzhanov a number of specific instructions, including the resumption of a hotel, health resort complexes Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan, as well as the Spa, health and fitness facilities in the regions of the country.    


Reference: The Spa complex of FTURK includes 8 sanatoriums – “Koktem” (Almaty),” Merke “(Zhambyl region), “Mankent” (Turk region),” Moyyldy ” (Pavlod.”Shchuchinsky” (Akmola region), “Zhanakorgan” (Kyzylorda region), “Akzhayyk” (EKR), “Sosnovy Bor” (Kostanay region), “Alakol” (East Kazakhstan region) and 4 hotels “Tourist” (Nur-Sultan, Pavlodar, Kostanay, Ust-Kamenogorsk)

Press service of the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan