212 infrastructure projects totaling 43 billion tenge, 13 thousand working places are the main indicators of the state program “Employment Roadmap” in the Pavlodar region. Pavlodar Region Akim Abylkair Skakov noted that the implementation of the State programme in the Pavlodar region would be monitored by the public in addition to the supervisory bodies.

The monitoring groups of public control over the implementation of the state program also include representatives of trade unions of the Pavlodar region. On may 29th 2020, a public group led by the Chairman of the “Trade Union Center of the Pavlodar region”, Deputy of the regional maslikhat Aitzhanova Dinara has visited the Irtysh district of the Pavlodar region.

In the public monitoring group were included Representatives of the Irtysh District Branch of the Nur Otan Party and the Chamber of Entrepreneurs, deputies of the district maslikhat, heads of organizations and institutions, veterans of the district.

Exercising social control, the monitoring group focuses on the compliance of contractors’ actions, capital repair of the “Employment Roadmap-2020” facilities with the following parameters: ensure at least 90% of goods and services’ usage by domestic producers, hiring at least 50% workers through the employment centres, giving priority to unemployed youth, payment of wages at least 85 thousand tenge per month, ensuring the quality and deadlines of construction or repair work.

Firstly, the commission was acquainted with the progress of the construction of a socially significant facility – a complex of three 24-apartment houses in the village of Irtyshsk. Ayan Beisekin visited the construction site as an Irtysh district officer and interviewed the public and contractors.

The village of Irtyshsk will also have an improved sewerage and pumping station. The soft roof will be overhauled here. In the village of Kosagash, the «Kosagash Secondary General Education School» is undergoing major repairs. The village club building is being overhauled in the village of Mojkonir. Work has begun on the installation of 22 warm latrines in the district’s schools. From the objects of housing and communal services, it is planned to build a heating pipeline in the village of Irtyshsk. On the square 638, 3 hectares in the peasant farm «Three to» will be built a system of irrigation.

The members of the monitoring group drew the attention of the contractors to the necessity of complying with all four conditions of the “Employment Roadmap-2020”, because the breach of contract will lead to the dissolution of contractual works from the customer.

Public monitoring of social and cultural facilities’ construction will continue.

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Photo By Konstantin Muzalevsky.