Appeal by the Federation of Trade Unions

The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan proclaims the highest values of the State of the individual and his life. The current epidemiological crisis requires all of us, first and foremost, personal responsibility and universal solidarity in order to counter the spread of this terrible disease. The lives and health of our citizens – children, parents, friends and loved ones – are at stake.

In this connection, we, the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, fully support the strict restrictive measures announced by the State Commission and express our full readiness to participate actively in their implementation.

From the first days of the declaration of a state of emergency in the country, FPK provides support to the population and the State. One of the first steps was the initiative to provide trade union assets to house quarantine workers.

«Hotlines» and operational headquarters of trade union organizations, allowed to carry out continuous monitoring of violations in the sphere of labour relations.

The trade union associations of the Federation of Trade Unions provide material assistance to medical personnel involved in combating the QUI and to members of trade unions for the purchase of personal protective equipment and basic necessities.

Of course, from the very beginning of the spread of the infection, the trade union organizations called on employers to observe health standards and to provide their employees with personal protective equipment, health workers and social separation.

Today, we do not simply appeal to the leaders of all enterprises and work collectives, but talk about the high responsibility of each employer for the life and health of the Man of Work.

We reserve the right to public monitoring of strict health and safety conditions at work. People should not put themselves and their loved ones at risk by falling victim to irresponsible and negligent treatment by employers.

This situation has become a challenge to society as a whole and requires solidarity and the most concerted action by both employers and employees. Thus, a special responsibility lies with the workers themselves, not only for their own health but also for the health of others.

In this difficult period for the State, we must unite against a common threat, not forgetting that we are a united people, a united country that has overcome the more difficult tests and challenges of history.

Therefore, we are confident that, through the joint efforts of the entire society, we will overcome this difficulty and continue our journey towards a decent future, increasing the well-being of all Kazakhs year after year.