Statement by the Federation of Trade Unions on participation in the primaries of the party «NUR OTAN»

The Federation of Trade Unions, as the largest association of workers in Kazakhstan, contributes to the development of the country by defending the rights and legitimate interests of the Human Being at Work.

We believe that belonging to workers’ problems and supporting them in their relations with their employers is an essential condition for achieving the strategic goals of the State.

At the same time, only solidarity-based joint work with our social partners will make it possible to make significant progress in the creation of new values in society.

The modernization course conducted today by Head of State Kasim-Jomart Tokayev creates a unique opportunity for all members of our organization to become participants in the historic changes taking place in the political system of the country.

In this connection, we call upon our trade union activists, who have a well-deserved authority and enjoy trust and respect in their work collectives, to use this opportunity, having taken the most active part in the primaries of the party «Nur Otan».

«Nur Otan» on the instructions of the party’s chairman, Elbasa Nursultan Nazarbayev, conducts these intra-party elections for the inclusion of the best candidates in the party lists in the forthcoming elections to the Majilis and maslikhats.

Our partnership with the party «Nur Otan» is carried out within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed for the purpose of coordination of joint actions and cooperation, including on the issues of conducting the primaries.

And the Federation of Trade Unions, with nearly 2 million members and an extensive network of trade union organizations throughout the country, is well placed to garner the support of the parties that are also in our ranks and to delegate their candidates to the Lower House of Parliament and local representative bodies.

We declare our basic principles – social dialogue and social justice as the main priorities of our activity and support the corresponding program goals of the «Nur Otan» party.

Dear Union Members!

Our common efforts to protect and promote the interests of workers will gain new impetus if the legislative branch is made up of people who defend the principles of the trade union movement with all their heart and soul!

Therefore, we call on all trade union members to support the initiative of the party «Nur Otan» to identify new leaders on the basis of competitive struggle and to take the most active part in the intra-party primaries, both as candidates and in the voting process.

Solidarity. Ownership. Creation.