Kasym-Jomart Tokayev: “Today trade unions are one of the main elements of civil society in Kazakhstan!”


XXVI Congress of the Federation

Trade Unions Of Kazakhstan

Dear participants of the Congress, representatives of trade unions of Kazakhstan!

Trade unions are one of the most important public institutions in the modern world, carrying out a progressive mission to protect rights, ensure a decent life and conditions for people at work.

It is the workers, regardless of their professional affiliation, who are the source of the nation’s well-being.

We must cultivate respect for work, making it a basic value of Kazakhstan’s society. This is my principled position. And in this work, a special mission belongs to the trade unions.

It is you who provide strong support to the state in the progressive development of the labor market, involving young people in labor processes, and expanding the potential of citizens of Kazakhstan.

At the same time, building a fair social state requires constant improvement of the forms and methods of trade Union activity and the development of flexible strategies to take into account the changes taking place around the world.

Therefore, the Federation of trade unions, together with social partners, will actively use new civilized methods of resolving labor disputes and protecting the legitimate interests of employees.

Only in an equal dialogue between workers and employers, with the mediation and mediation of trade unions, can we come to an effective regulation of labor relations. On such fertile ground, the sprouts of a Mature work ethic and social responsibility can grow.

For this purpose, amendments to the labor legislation were developed on the basis of the National Council of public trust. This expanded the capacity of trade Union organizations and strengthened their role in the system of social institutions.

Today, trade unions are one of the main elements of civil society in Kazakhstan!

This situation and the status of the Federation requires the nomination of a strong, active and energetic leaders. I welcome the course to rejuvenate the staff of trade unions, which creates conditions for healthy competition and provides an effective social lift for young workers!

Dear members of trade Union organizations!

You face many challenges that require unity, professionalism and dedication.

I wish you success in your work for the benefit of our common home-the Republic of Kazakhstan!

President of Kazakhstan

Kasym-Jomart Tokayev