As part of the campaign “How do you live, primary?”, dedicated to the Year of the primary trade union organization, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Mukhtar Tinikeev met with members of the primary trade union organization of the city polyclinic №5 of the Akimat of the West Kazakhstan Region.

The online meeting was attended by employees of the medical institution, chairman of the primary trade union organization Rita Galimova, director of the polyclinic Timur Azhigaliev, Chairman of the West Kazakhstan regional branch of the Branch Trade Union “SENIM” Makhambet Kusainov, Chairman of the Trade Union Center of the West Kazakhstan region Aigul Esekenova.

City polyclinic  №5  was built in 2010 under the program “100 schools and 100 hospitals”.

The modern polyclinic consists of 2 departments for adults and children.

According to the chairman of the primary trade union organization Rita Galimova, 437 people work at the clinic, of which 430 (98.3%) are members of the trade union.

The primary trade union organization of the polyclinic is part of the regional branch “SENIM”.

The social partnership of the trade union organization with the management of the institution is carried out on the basis of a collective agreement for 2020-2022.

Chairman of the branch of the West Kazakhstan region “SENIM” Makhambet Kusainov noted that the number of trade union members in the region is 12,555 people. According to him, the Regional Agreement with social partners was signed last year.

The direсtor of the city polyclinic №5, Timur Azhigaliyev, in his speech touched upon the problem of canceling the qualification categories of doctors. This change in the industry has been in effect since January 5, 2021.

“Doctors’ salaries have been increased this year. The President instructed the Government to gradually raise salaries for doctors until 2023. However, salary growth depends on the category. Due to the cancellation of categories, the President’s order cannot be implemented properly. As a public utility company with the right of economic management, we set the wages ourselves. However, when analyzing the wage fund, it turned out that this year the category of 22 doctors expires. Therefore, we decided to hold an extraordinary meeting with the participation of the Supervisory Board and keep their salaries until the end of the year. When planning wages, we look at the category and length of service. There is no new system for calculating it yet. As a result, doctors are moving to the private sector. This, in turn, may lead to a decrease in the quality of services provided by the polyclinic,” the director of the polyclinic stressed.

The staff of the polyclinic expressed their solidarity with the head on the voiced problematic issue.

Summing up the meeting, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Mukhtar Tinikeev thanked the medical workers who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus for their daily selfless work.

Mukhtar Tinikeev assured that the issue of remuneration raised during the meeting is one of the important items on the Federation’s agenda.

In addition, he told the participants about measures to implement strategic objectives to improve the remuneration system and the latest changes in the composition of the FTURK bodies.

“As you know, a new General Agreement for 2021-2023 has been adopted this year. For the first time, all the republican unions of the country have joined forces to develop a unified trade union position. In order to ensure a gradual increase in the minimum wage and the legislative consolidation of wage indexation, a special working group has been established under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population to ratify ILO Convention №131 on the establishment of the minimum wage. In addition, in order to expand the scope of social partnership, improve the status and effectiveness of the tripartite commissions and strengthen cooperation, we proposed that the regional commissions be headed directly by the akims of the regions. This proposal was accepted, and today these bodies are headed by the akims of the regions,” Mukhtar Tinikeev said.

He also recalled that in a recent speech by the Chairman of the FTURK at the Forum of Primary Trade Union Organizations, it was noted that it was necessary to extend the norms of the collective agreement only to trade union members.

As Mukhtar Tinikeev stressed, in order to develop international cooperation, improve the system of protection of labor and socio-economic rights and interests of workers, two working groups have been created in the Federation of Trade Unions to amend the Labor Code and the Law “On Trade Unions”.

Recall: The Republican action “How do you live, primary?” It is aimed at creating a system of “feedback” with labor collectives. As part of the campaign, ordinary members of the trade union have the opportunity to directly ask questions to the leadership of the Federation of Trade Unions, deputies of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of state bodies, and employers.

To date, about 370 online meetings with primary trade union organizations have been held within the framework of the campaign and more than 400 appeals have been received.

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