On February 16, 2022, an expanded meeting of the Coordinating Council of the Territorial Association of Trade Unions of the Pavlodar region was held with the participation of Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Gulnara Zhumageldieva.

The chairman of the trade union center of Pavlodar region Dinara Aitzhanova made a report on the results of the work.

According to her, trade union activity in the region is carried out by the Trade Union Center of the region, 17 branch trade union public associations, 1230 primary trade union organizations, in which the number of trade union members is more than 135 thousand people.

“Every third working resident of the region trusts trade unions and is a member of the primary. All the work of trade unions was based on the priority of supporting the main link in the structure of trade unions – the primary trade union organization,” Dinara Aitzhanova stressed.

Last year, the Trade Union Center organized a number of meetings with the management and labor collectives of more than 34 large enterprises of the real sector with the participation of 700 employees.

The Trade Union center of Pavlodar region pays special attention to professional development of the professional asset and organization of training events.

“The quantity and quality of trade union training is rising to a new higher level. If 1,700 employees were trained in 2021, then 8,500 employees were trained in 2021, which is four times higher than last year,” the chairman of the Trade Union Center noted.

Pavlodar region is one of the three leading regions of Kazakhstan in terms of the number of collective agreements concluded. The coverage of existing enterprises by collective agreements amounted to 6332 or 96.9%, of which 1230 enterprises have trade unions.

According to Dinara Aitzhanova, the Trade Union Center is carrying out significant work to improve their quality content – an analysis of the best practices of collective agreements was carried out, 6 dialogue platforms were held on issues of collective contractual regulation.

“There should be no formal content of collective agreements that duplicate the norms of labor legislation. Currently, no state body forms a depository of collective agreements, which requires its permission,” Dinara Aitzhanova stressed.

The situation regarding the level of occupational injuries remains in the zone of special attention of trade unions. In 2021, 107 accidents were committed at the enterprises of the region, where 114 people were injured.

At the same time, Dinara Aitzhanova reported that since November 2021, the “Safe Work” Program for 2021-2023 has been operating in the region, more than 107 enterprises of the region have implemented safety and labor protection standards.

There are 840 production councils at the enterprises of the region, in which 1223 technical inspectors carry out public control.

“We note the issue of developing and adopting a Roadmap for the prevention of accidents related to production at Ekibastuzteploenergo LLP and the Aksu Ferroalloy Plant of TNC Kazchrome JSC. Today, the indicators of occupational injuries of these enterprises are at zero”,- D.Aitzhanova noted.

A separate emphasis in the work of the Trade Union Center of the Pavlodar region is placed on improving the legal literacy of the members of the Conciliation Commissions.

According to the speaker, last year the Trade Union Center trained more than 2,000 members of the conciliation commissions.

During the meeting, the chairman of the Pavlodar regional organization of the Branch Trade Union of Education and Science Workers Gulbaram Naurazbayeva, Chairman of the branch of the Branch Trade Union of Agricultural Workers in the Pavlodar region Pavel Surma, Chairman of the Pavlodar regional branch of the Branch Trade Union of Railway, Automobile, Air and Water Transport Workers Rafail Sabarov, chairman of the Local Trade Union “Batyr Komir” Sergey Mikhailyuk, chairman of the Pavlodar regional branch of the trade Union “YNTYMAQ” Gulzira Atabayeva made accompanying reports. In their speeches, the speakers noted topical issues of trade union activity necessary for their resolution at the regional and republican levels.

After hearing the speeches of the participants, Deputy Chairman of the FTURK Gulnara Zhumageldieva highly appreciated the results of the activity of the Trade Union Center of Pavlodar region.

“It is gratifying to see that the trade unions of the Pavlodar region always show their best practices, which are spreading throughout the republic. This applies to any sphere of activity of trade unions,” Gulnara Zhumageldieva stressed.

She told the participants about the proposals, announced by the Chairman of the Federation of trade unions at a meeting of the Republican tripartite Commission on 20 January

“It concerns the wage system, wage indexation, the criteria for setting the minimum wage, the revision of the amount of the benefit for temporary incapacity for work, the regulation of industry factors, as well as workers ‘participation in management of the enterprise”, – said Gulnara Jumageldiyev.

At the same time, she reported on the adoption at the meeting of the RTK of the Concept of Safe Work until 2030, the norms of which will allow trade unions to really participate in the process of managing the labor protection system.

Gulnara Zhumageldieva also informed about the initiatives of the Federation of Trade Unions announced by the Chairman of the FTURK during the Government meeting on February 9 this year.

“The Federation of Trade Unions poses to the Government the question of the need to revise labor legislation in terms of simplifying the procedure for conducting strikes. The second question is that today almost many collective agreements are concluded not by trade unions, but by representatives of employees. In order to effectively resolve labor disputes, it is necessary to conduct labor consultations. The system of consultations of the employer with trade unions will help to reduce social tension,” the Deputy Chairman of the FTURK said.

In addition, according to her, the Chairman of the Federation again submitted for consideration the issues of transferring the state labor inspectorate to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and increasing the number of state inspectors and legislative expansion of their powers.

Gulnara Zhumageldieva also announced a number of priority tasks of trade union activity within the framework of the year of social partnership.

Trade union organizations have a lot of work to do to develop social partnership that contributes to the effective solution of workers’ problems.

Recall that the year 2022 has been declared by the Federation of Trade Unions as the Year of Social Partnership, within the framework of which it is planned to implement a number of measures to improve labor legislation, improve the social and labor rights of employees, increase wages and create decent working conditions. At the end of the year, the winners of the “Best Social Partner” and “Best Collective Agreement” contests will be announced.