Today, the First Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Tinikeev took part in an expanded meeting of the Coordinating Council of the Trade Union Center of the East Kazakhstan region.

Chairman of the Trade Union Center of East Kazakhstan Region Temirbek Kasymzhanov presented to the members of the Coordinating Council information on the results of the work of trade unions in the region for 2021.

The Trade Union Center of the East Kazakhstan region unites 14 regional branches of branch trade unions, 4 territorial trade unions and 3 member organizations that do not have associations of branch trade unions in the region. The number of trade union members is 133,423 people in 1,446 primary trade union organizations.

According to Temirbek Kasymzhanov, in the light of the Year of the primary trade union organization in the region, 17 new primary schools numbering 1,562 people were created, and 23 meetings were held in labor collectives within the framework of the republican campaign “How do you live, primary?”.

Speaking about the development of social partnership, the Chairman of the Trade Union Center noted that it is being built on the basis of a regional agreement between the Akimat of the East Kazakhstan region, the regional union of trade unions and employers’ associations for 2021-2023.

“In the Agreement, the trade unions of the region have achieved a consistent solution to the issues of annual indexation of salaries of workers in the real sector, the payment of health benefits in the amount of at least one salary to workers of unskilled labor in the public sector, the payment of an increased salary (25%) to employees of the public sector in rural areas, as well as an increase of 4-7% in the amount of payments for utilities. There is a provision that allows making a monthly supplement and providing annual additional paid leave to employees engaged in labor activities and living in radiation risk zones, regardless of the availability of a “victim’s certificate,” Temirbek Kasymzhanov said.

At the initiative of the Trade Union Center, at the meetings of the Trilateral Regional Commission last year, issues of social and labor relations in JSC Vostokmashzavod, recommendations on raising wages for low-paid categories of workers, measures to prevent social tension, as well as problems of wage arrears at the enterprises of the region were considered. As a result of the measures taken, wage arrears were repaid in the amount of 1824.5 million tenge, while the rights of 5036 employees at 114 enterprises were protected.

In general, legal support for trade union members is provided by a branch of the Legal Clinic, which has reviewed 221 appeals over the past year. In addition, the Reconciliation Center at the Legal Clinic considered labor disputes on the appeal of 320 people, mediation agreements were reached on 153 appeals.

According to the Professional Center, the level of occupational injuries decreased by 2.4% last year, but still remains high.

“In 2021, 191 accidents occurred in the region, 204 people were injured, including 23 fatalities. An analysis of accidents shows that out of 191 facts, only 55 of them are related to organizations where trade unions operate. The trade union takes part in investigating the causes of accidents and providing necessary assistance to victims,” Temirbek Kasymzhanov said.

Last year, the social partners of the region approved an Action Plan to ensure safe work in the East Kazakhstan region until 2025.

In the region, 1,286 Industrial Councils for Labor Protection have been established, under which control is carried out by 1950 technical inspectors for labor protection.

During the meeting, the members of the Coordinating Council spoke on a number of topical issues of trade union activity.

Chairman of the regional branch of the Branch Trade Union of Workers of Culture, Sports, Tourism and Information Tusipkhan Tusipbekov noted the importance of strengthening the role of trade unions in ensuring social stability.

“The January events have shown that it is important to maintain stability in all labor collectives. And this can be achieved only through trade union participation,” Tusipkhan Tusipbekov believes.

The accompanying report on the work of territorial structures was made by the director of the East Kazakhstan School of Arts named after the People’s Artists of the Abdullins brothers NGO “Local Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of East Kazakhstan Region” Almira Dyusupova, chairman of the trade union organization of the State Enterprise “Oskemen Vodokanal” Irina Budilovskaya and other professional activists.

Answering questions from colleagues, First Deputy Chairman of the FTURK Mukhtar Tinikeev noted the importance of activating social partnership at the regional level, since success in protecting the rights and interests of workers depends on it.

“For its part, the Federation of Trade Unions at the republican level appeals to social partners with specific proposals: simplification of the procedure for making claims of employees in labor disputes, establishing administrative responsibility of employers for violating the requirements of labor legislation on the creation of a conciliation commission, conducting labor consultations at enterprises with a high risk of labor conflicts, legislative consolidation of annual wage indexation and others,” Mukhtar Tinikeev shared.

As the First Deputy Chairman of the FTURK emphasized, one of the main causes of labor conflicts and employee discontent is low wages at enterprises.

Mukhtar Tinikeev recalled that this year the trade unions are holding a Year of Social partnership. According to him, the Federation has achieved the direct participation of the akims of the regions in the meetings of the tripartite commissions in most regions of the country. This work will continue.

“Akims and employers are our social partners, along with trade unions should be interested in preventing labor conflicts. Such a lesson was taught by the events of January. We all need to understand the responsibility for maintaining stability in the new conditions,” said Mukhtar Tinikeev, First Deputy Chairman of the FTURK.


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