During a working trip to Atyrau region, Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Satybaldy Dauletalin visited one of the seven oil fields of the oil and gas Production Department (NGDU) “Zhaiykmunaygas” – the Saltanat Balgimbayev field, where he got acquainted with the full cycle of the production process, the development of social partnership, the progress of the collective agreement and talked with the employer and employees of the enterprise.

The choice of the S. Balgimbayev NGDU “Zhaiykmunaigas” field, which is part of Embamunaigas JSC, as a visiting point is not accidental. At the beginning of this year, the Joint-Stock Company adopted a new collective agreement for 2022-2026.

As the head of NGDU “Zhaiykmunaygas” Amangeldy Suleimenov noted, the purpose of the collective agreement is to increase the social welfare of each employee through social guarantees agreed between the employer and employees.

“Discussing with the members of the trade union the draft of a new collective agreement, we took into account such a component as achieving a parity balance of interests of the parties within the framework of social partnership,” the head of the NGDU said.

Bolat Nsanbayev, chairman of the trade union committee of the joint stock company, told in detail about how the balance of interests of the employer and employees is observed. “Speaking about the concluded collective agreement, we need to recall such a definition as “monetization”. That is, the total amount of guarantees defined in the collective agreement for one employee who pays a monthly union contribution of one percent. We made calculations and received a specific amount: annually the amount of monetization per one of our employees amounted to 1,600,000 tenge,” the chairman of the trade union committee said.

With an average monthly salary of 400 thousand tenge, employees of the field – members of the trade union annually deduct 48 thousand tenge to the trade union fund, and receive social guarantees for an amount exceeding more than 33 times.

To make sure of this personally, after talking with oilmen, the Chairman of the FTURK visited all the workshops of the production cycle at the Balgimbayev field itself.

Satybaldy Dauletalin got acquainted with the working conditions of employees of all sections of the production process, starting with drilling wells, gas preparation point of route management, the central oil preparation and pumping workshop of the track management and the laboratory for checking the quality of extracted oil.

The social facilities of the deposit – a working dormitory, a leisure and recreation center, a dining room – were not without attention of the Chairman of the FTURK.

“Up to two hundred people work daily at all sections of the field: day and shift workers. All conditions have been created for those workers who work on a shift basis at the field: a comfortable dormitory, a recreation center, a canteen with free five meals a day,” said Saken Sharapiden, deputy head of the production and technical department, chairman of the union’s workshop committee concurrently.

In addition, he is the winner of the Republican Youth project of the FTURK “Enbek Elshisi”.

The words of the young professional leader were confirmed by the operators of drilling rigs who came to lunch, who told about their working days and noted that every year they have the opportunity to improve their health for free and receive sanatorium treatment in health resorts in Kazakhstan. And such social packages as mat help to prepare children for school, double salary for vacation and financial assistance in case of urgent need have long been used here.

The trade activists accompanying the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan noted that they are working together with the employer to improve the efficiency of social and labor policy at the enterprise.

“A real, constructive dialogue with the employer is nothing more than strengthening the responsibility of both sides for the results of joint production and economic activities. If the employer is socially oriented, the team will always support him and try to show the best result in work,” said Bolat Nsanbayev, the leader of the trade union committee of Embamunaigas JSC.

“We understand that the company’s performance indicators depend on the well-being of our employees, so the trade union is our main partner,” the employer of Amangeldy Suleimenov agreed with the professional leader.

Having highly appreciated the development of social and labor relations in NGDU “Zhaiykmunaygas”, Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Satybaldy Dauletalin thanked the social partners for supporting ordinary workers in the difficult socio-economic situation in the country.

According to the FTURK, only 30 thousand out of 145 thousand collective agreements concluded in Kazakhstan were adopted with the participation of trade unions.

Most of the other collective agreements are still declarative. “The value of such a well-coordinated interaction of social partners, as in Embamunaigas, consists in a decent attitude to a Person of work.

Such a model of building a social partnership in the current conditions is perhaps the most acceptable, it should become an example for all enterprises of the oil and gas industry. In the Year of Social Partnership held by the Federation of Trade Unions, this is especially important,” stressed Satybaldy Dauletalin. Recall that from March 9 to March 11, the Chairman of the FTURK is on a working visit to Atyrau region.

The main topics on the agenda of the visit are wage increases, prevention of labor conflicts and further development of the social partnership system in the region.


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