In order to support the referendum on amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republican Headquarters under the Federation of Trade Unions has started its work, which coordinates the work of regional public headquarters of trade unions in all regions of the country and cities of republican significance to explain the constitutional reform.
Today, under the chairmanship of the head of the Republican Headquarters of the FTURK, Nurlan Uteshev, a meeting of the Coordination Councils of the regional headquarters of East Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan, North Kazakhstan regions and Shymkent was held.

The participants of the online meeting discussed the goals of the republican referendum and measures to clarify amendments to the Basic Law of the country.

Opening the meeting, Nurlan Uteshev noted the importance of the upcoming constitutional reform for trade unions and focused on the content of some of the new proposed norms.

“It is planned to amend 33 articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In particular, the norms that the people are the owners of land and natural resources are a step of socio–political significance based on the principle of social justice. At the same time, as a result of the constitutional reform, the legislative branch of government will undergo significant changes. For example, the powers of the president will be reduced, the role and status of the Parliament will be significantly strengthened,” Nurlan Uteshev stressed.

According to him, the proposed amendments to the Constitution are aimed at protecting the fundamental rights and guarantees of every citizen, as well as ensuring stability and unity in society.

“We hope that the constitutional reform will expand the opportunities for citizens to participate in the governance of the country. In this regard, we should call on the members of the trade union to take an active part in the upcoming referendum so that every worker can live with dignity and increase the potential of the country,” the head of the Republican Staff said.

In turn, the chairman of the North Kazakhstan regional Headquarters  Yerik Nurakayev said that the regional headquarters has approved a regional plan and the headquarters is working purposefully to explain the constitutional reform in the labor collectives of the region, as well as in social networks.

As the chairman of the East Kazakhstan regional Headquarters Temirbek Kasymzhanov stressed, within the framework of the work of the regional headquarters on the basis of the Legal Clinic, the work of the public reception on the issues of the republican referendum has started.

Yakov Shvets, Chairman of the East Kazakhstan regional branch of the Industrial Trade Union of Builders and Housing and Communal Services, considers the appeal of the Federation of Trade Unions in support of the referendum timely and justified.

“It is gratifying that such positive changes as the abolition of the death penalty, the formation of the Constitutional Court, the delegation of presidential powers to Parliament will be adopted by the will of the people,” he said.

Chairman of the West Kazakhstan Regional Headquarters Aigul Esekenova stressed that the referendum will allow expressing the opinion of the people, not individuals. She called on the members of the trade union to take an active part in the referendum, recognizing the historical importance of the ongoing reforms.

The chairman of the Shymkent city headquarters, Baurzhan Alteev, is in solidarity with her, who noted the importance of political changes.

“The constitutional reform adequately meets the urgent needs of society,” the chairman of the city headquarters stressed.

The significance of the referendum for the community of teachers was stated by the chairman of the Shymkent branch of the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers Larisa Turgenbayeva.

According to her, the referendum is a significant event in the history of the country.

“Teachers of the country, including the city of Shymkent, are aware of the importance of the referendum and advocate for the development of democratic values of Kazakhstan,” Larisa Turgenbayeva added.

At the end of the meeting, the head of the republican headquarters, Nurlan Uteshev, stressed the importance of public support for the upcoming referendum and the manifestation of an active civic position of every citizen of Kazakhstan.