A meeting of the regional trilateral commission on social partnership and regulation of social and labor relations was held in the North Kazakhstan region with the participation of the chairmen of the district and city trilateral commissions.

The chairman of the Trade Union Center of the North Kazakhstan Region E.Nurakayev spoke about the issue of increasing the wages of employees in connection with the increase in the minimum wage to 70 thousand tenge, who familiarized in detail with the work of trade unions on the issues of qualitative filling of collective agreements with additional social guarantees that improve the situation of workers, including wages. He noted that despite the measures taken in the region, according to statistics, the salary in the North Kazakhstan region is significantly lower than the republican indicator. In order to increase wages, it is necessary to carry out systematic work for all parties of the social partnership, both to improve labor legislation, the effective use of the institution of social partnership, and strict compliance with the requirements of current legislation. He also noted that the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan declared 2023 the Year of Safe Work. Comprehensive events dedicated to the World Labor Protection Day, which are held annually on April 28, should be used to increase the efficiency of the work of the parties of the social partnership in ensuring labor safety at the workplace.

Chairman of the SCOF NGO “Branch Trade Union of Employees of state, Banking institutions and Public Services” “Kyzmet” T.Abilmazhinov informed about the implementation of the recommendations of the regional tripartite commission on social partnership and regulation of social and labor relations (paragraph 5 of Protocol No. 8 of 07.09.2022) on the intensification of work to increase primary trade union organizations to represent the interests of workers in labor relations in local executive and territorial state bodies.

The issues of raising wages and motivating the trade union movement were considered by the social partners on the initiative of trade unions.

In the course of the work, the issue of payment of wage arrears to employees of Takhtabrod-TM LLP was also considered.

Following the meeting, recommendations were given to the parties of the social partnership.