On Thursday, June 1, as part of the campaign “How are you, primary school?” Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurlan Uteshev held an online meeting with trade union activists of JV CASPI BITUM LLP.

The event was attended by the chairman of the TOP “Trade Union Center of the Mangystau Region Bekgalyev S., Deputy Chairman of the Trade Union Center Kenshilik D.K., Chairman of the Mangystau Regional Branch of the NGO “Kazakhstan Industry Trade Union of the Oil and Gas Complex” Rzakhanov M.K., Chairman of the Trade Union of Workers of LLP “SP” CASPI BITUM” Zhupbanov R.N., on the part of the social partner, General Director of JV “CASPI BITUM” LLP Song Guantao, coordinator for social issues Urisbaev A.Zh., head of the department for legal and personnel issues Duisenbinov E.E., head of the security service labor and technical safety Demisinova N.I. and factory workers. Opening the meeting, Chairman of the Territorial Association of Trade Unions Saduakas Bekgalyyev noted that 2023 was declared the Year of Safe Labor by the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and emphasized the effectiveness of this republican action in identifying and resolving pressing issues of labor collectives. “Thanks to this action, the trade union and social partners have the opportunity to improve the level of regulation of labor relations and successfully apply them in their work,” he said.

“There is the only oil refinery in Kazakhstan that is focused on the production of oxidized road bitumen and modified road bitumen, an innovative product that has no analogues. The company not only provides the market with first-class building materials, but also has a great social impact. First of all, these are jobs for residents of the Mangistau region. The team receives a decent salary and a social package,” the general director of JV CASPI BITUM LLP briefly spoke about the activities of the enterprise. Sun Guantao.

“Chairman of the regional trade union center on the importance of ensuring safe working conditions for workers in the framework of the Year of Safe Labor. Our service regularly conducts systematic work to prevent industrial injuries and occupational diseases. Our plant is equipped with the most modern equipment, which allows us to quickly and efficiently carry out all the necessary technological work,” said Nasihat Demisinova, head of the labor protection and technical safety service. According to the chairman of the trade union committee Rakhymzhan Zhupbanov, the work of the trade union organization is carried out in close cooperation and social partnership with the employer. The organization has a collective agreement for the period from 2020 to 2023, which includes a certain list of additional benefits and social support for employees. Material assistance is constantly provided to employees, health improvement of employees and their children is carried out. Also, he added that the new collective agreement for 2023-2026. is under approval. It should be noted that the new collective agreement includes improvements on incentive payments, additional incentives and benefits. For example, the new collective agreement includes: a bonus of 50 MCI by the Constitution Day, a payment of 20 MCI to pensioners, a lump sum payment of 50 MCI to pensioners by the Day of the Elderly, payment for the education of employees’ children. Every 5 years, on the anniversary date, the enterprises included the payment of a bonus in the amount of 50 MCI.

In 2022, the bitumen plant was declared the winner in the republican competition “Paryz” in the nomination “Best Collective Agreement”, where the competent commission of the competition noted a high level of social obligations to the workforce of the enterprise. Summing up the meeting, the Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan highly appreciated the efforts of the trade union and the employer in creating decent working conditions for the workers of the plant. “It is very gratifying that the company pays special attention to the interests of employees. There is a good collective agreement. This is an indicator that the employer prioritizes the creation of favorable working conditions,” said Nurlan Uteshev.

The Deputy Chairman of the FPRK told the participants about the Federation’s initiatives to improve social and labor relations, increase the level of social protection of citizens and other topical issues on the trade union agenda.

The meeting resonated with every participant of the event. Compliance with safety and labor protection is a guarantee of preserving the life and health of workers in the course of their work, members of the labor collective noted.