Last weekend in Astana, the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, Satybaldy Dauletalin, participated in a meeting of collegial bodies – the Central Committee and Executive Committee of the affiliated organization of the Kazakhstan branch trade union of education, education and science workers.

Aigul Mukasheva, the chairman of the sectoral trade union, made a report on the implementation of the New Kazakhstan – New Trade Union Concept for the development of the national sectoral trade union of education, education and science.

The speaker focused on the results of activities of the branch trade union in such areas as: the organizational structure of the trade union, social partnership, legal support, labour protection, public control, training of trade union activists and information work.

Speaking on the importance of issues of organizational strengthening, maintenance and increase of membership base Aigul Mukasheva informed that sectoral trade union has 21 member organizations with a total of 619,738 members.

“The number of union members has increased compared to 2021. This increase is a result of great trust in the branch trade union, a positive assessment of our joint work,” the branch trade union’s chairwoman said.

At the same time, Aigul Mukasheva expressed concern about interference in trade union activities by some state bodies, noting that facts of illegal interference contradict the RK Constitution and the RK Law “On trade unions”.

“This situation is currently taking place in Karaganda and Ulytau oblasts, and its consequences are causing great dissatisfaction in the teaching community. The governing bodies of the trade union have sent letters to the relevant state bodies in order to bring those responsible for violating the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan to justice,” said the chairman of the sectoral trade union.

Satybaldy Dauletalin, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, supported his colleague and expressed the FTURK’s position on the issue of interference in the activities of trade union organisations.

“The undisguised interference in the trade unions’ activities, attempts to sneak candidates working for the top executive positions, creation of controlled unions by employers are a direct violation of the RK law “On trade unions”, which prohibits interference and opposition to trade union activities, the ILO Convention No. 87, which defines the right of trade unions to develop their charters and administrative regulations and freely choose their representatives – all of this guarantees the rights of trade union organizations to participate in the activities of the executive power. The Federation of Trade Unions receives such signals from some regions and industries and is working to educate its social partners. We intend to resolutely resist violation of the law and pressure on trade unions and take measures to stop and punish the perpetrators,” said the President of the FTURK.

The FTURK Chairman stressed that the Federation of Trade Unions and its affiliates support the course of building a fair Kazakhstan announced by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. Satybaldy Dauletalin called on his colleagues to unite their efforts to implement the tasks to promote the principles of social justice and priorities set at the National Kurultai meeting held in Turkestan under the leadership of the President.

“For trade unions, the supremacy of the Constitution and laws is the main principle of democratic development, the basis of justice and social stability in society. We have followed and will continue to follow this course”, stressed Satybaldy Dauletalin.

During the meeting, A. Rakisheva, chairman of Karaganda regional trade union organization of education, education and science workers, T. Baimbetova, chairman of Mangistau regional branch of the trade union, and B. Seydesh, chairman of the primary trade union organization of Eurasian National University after L. Gumilev, shared their views on topical issues of trade union agenda. They noted the importance of measures taken by the branch trade union and the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan in the framework of social partnership, as well as the effectiveness of solving the problems of industry workers.

  1. Ibraev, Chairman of the Abay district trade union organization, expressed gratitude for the financial assistance rendered by the branch trade union to the inhabitants of the region affected by forest fires.

At the conclusion of the Central Committee Council a regular meeting of the Branch Trade Union Executive Committee was held.