From July 3 to 5, Mr. Satybaldy Dauletalin, Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, is visiting the Zhetysu region on a working visit. The purpose of the visit is to familiarise himself with the situation in the social and labour sphere in the region, consider issues of social partnership development within individual enterprises and industries, discuss a joint work plan with members of the “Enbek” deputy group of the regional maslikhat and receive feedback from trade union members on the ground.

The working visit began with a visit to the Balpyk LLP farm in the village of Zharlyozek, Koksu district, Zhetysu province. Established in 1998, the company now grows wheat, corn, beetroot, perennial grasses, and has its own livestock farm. According to the head of the LLP, Aidyn Adetbekov, 70 residents of Zharlyozek village are permanently employed at the enterprise, but there are also additional seasonal jobs. In spring and autumn, the farm provides work for up to 140 people. Wages are paid to workers on the basis of 7,500 tenge per labour day. In total, the average salary of LLP employees is 140 thousand tenge per month.

The employees themselves say that they are happy with their relationship with their employer, but in order to strengthen it within the framework of social partnership they decided to create a trade union, and the employer supported this decision.

“We have set ourselves the task to cover most of the district’s needs with organic agricultural products and to develop agriculture in the region. There are no problems in relations with the staff, but I support the employees’ decision to organise a trade union”, said Aidyn Adetbekov.

Talking to the workforce, FTRC Chairman Satybaldy Dauletalin supported the initiative of Balpyk LLP employees to establish a primary trade union organisation.

“A trade union is the self-organisation of people to protect their labour rights. The employer and the union are partners and the success of the whole enterprise depends on their constructive interaction. Labour relations in rural areas need to be developed together. The right to work is a constitutional right of every Kazakhstani citizen. By creating a trade union, you take responsibility not only for the future of social partnership but also for your own right to work and the future of your team and the enterprise as a whole. After all, the construction of a fair Kazakhstan depends on the responsibility of each of its citizens,” said Satybaldy Dauletalin.

Speaking about the further development of the agricultural sector, the head of LLP “Balpyk”, complained about the fact that in the whole region there is a shortage of workers in rural areas. One of the main reasons is relatively low wages of machine operators, combine operators and cattle breeders, the rural entrepreneur said.

According to him, in some agricultural enterprises there is no one to work on machinery – there are no specialists. Taking this opportunity, Aidyn Adetbekov asked the Chairman of FTURK to assist in solving the issue of revision of subsidy programs for agricultural enterprises, suggesting to include in the state assistance program the costs for the wage fund of rural workers as well.

The Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan, responding to the request, noted that in every working trip to the regions of the country, he meets with rural workers.

“Meetings with villagers are not just about learning about the livelihoods of rural enterprises. As a result of such meetings we prepare appeals to the social partners at the republican level. We take into account all the wishes of the workforce in preparing a package of proposals for the Government. In the near future, the Federation of Trade Unions intends to send a corresponding appeal to the Ministry of Agriculture, in which we will certainly take into account your suggestions,” said the Chairman of the FTUC.

As part of his meetings with the villagers of Zhetysu oblast, Satybaldy Dauletalin also visited the village named after Nurmoldy Aldabergenov, where he laid flowers at the bust of the founder of the aul.  The bust of Nurmoldy Aldabergenov, twice Hero of Socialist Labour, is located on the Batyr Alley. It should be noted that after war time 20 more Heroes of Socialist Labour lived and worked in the aul which was managed by Nurmolda Aldabergenov – a war veteran for 15 years.

“The history of the aul that these people raised in the difficult post-war period is a unique one. We must cherish it and pass it on to our descendants. Nurmolda Aldabergenov and his associates are an example of diligence and patriotism for all future generations,” stressed Satybaldy Dauletalin, honouring the memory of the Man of Labour, who became a Zhetysu legend.