From 3 to 5 July with a working visit to the region of Zhetysu visited the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Satybaldy Dauletalin. During the visit, the Head of the FTURK got acquainted with the situation in the social and labour sphere of the region, the development of social partnership within individual enterprises and industries, discussed the plan of joint work with members of the deputy group “Yenbek” of the regional Maslikhat, and held an extended meeting with trade union leaders and activists of the two regions – Almaty and Zhetysu.

The meeting of trade union activists of the two regions with the Chairman of FTURK was held on the platform of the House of Friendship, it was attended by chairmen of branch trade unions, chairmen of trade union committees of primary trade union organisations, social partners.

Welcoming colleagues, the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the RK noted that the meeting in the expanded structure with the participation of trade union leaders of Almaty and Zhetysu region is held for the first time and called colleagues to an open exchange of views.

Trade union leaders of the regions spoke about the development of social partnership in the sectors and appealed to Satybaldy Dauletalin with a request for assistance in solving problems relevant to local members of trade unions.

Chairman of Tekeli city branch of NGO “Local trade union of workers of education, budgetary organisations, science and higher education “Zhetysu” Asan Tursyngaliev focused on the problems of school technicians – low wages, lack of benefits. The topic of remuneration of employees also touched on the head of the branch of the region Zhetisu PA “Kazakhstan branch trade union of workers of culture, sports, tourism and information” Saule Akhmadieva.

After listening to colleagues, Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan Satybaldy Dauletalin spoke about the activities of FTURK and trade union initiatives to address pressing issues of social and labour sphere.

“The issues of increasing labour remuneration are a priority in our relations with social partners. We have submitted to the government a package of proposals to amend labour legislation with regard to labour remuneration. They relate to a consistent increase in the minimum wage, the legislative enshrinement of the employer’s obligation to index workers’ wages to inflation, improvement of the wage system for public sector employees with a complete abandonment of the basic salary, and others. All our proposals are under consideration by the social partners. For our part, we will continue to seek their positive solution,” Satybaldy Dauletalin said.

The head of FTURK noted that in the Year of Safe Labour, held by the Federation of Trade Unions and its affiliates, trade unions need to strengthen control over the provision of safe working conditions at each enterprise and organisation.

“Every year 1,500 people are injured and 200 people die in industrial accidents. Trade union organisations through production councils and the activities of technical inspectors should strengthen control over the observance of safe working conditions. At the level of the Republic, the Federation together with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection took part in the development of the draft Concept of Safe Labour until 2030. We have repeatedly stated the need to move from a compensation model to risk-oriented approaches in safety management at enterprises. This important aspect has been taken into account in the draft Concept,” Satybaldy Dauletalin said.

Meanwhile, the Trade Union Centre has developed a work plan on safety at workplaces. Within the framework of the plan it is planned to hold 35 events together with sectoral trade unions and social partners on labour safety issues.

During the communication with colleagues, the FTURK Chairman noted the importance of activation of trade unions on joint interaction with social partners in the field as a whole, starting from primary trade union organisations.

“The primary trade union organisation is the basis of the trade union movement as a whole. How the primary trade union organisation interacts with the employer at a particular enterprise determines the well-being of the whole team. You have an important tool in your hands – the adoption of a collective agreement, in which, in agreement with employers, you introduce additional social guarantees for trade union members. The general situation in the whole industry depends on the activity of primary trade union organisations,” Satybaldy Dauletalin said.

Speaing about the role of trade unions in the implementation of the initiative of the country’s leadership to build a Fair Kazakhstan, the Chairman of FTURK focused the attention of trade union leaders on the issue of restoring social justice.

“At the recent meeting of the National Kurultai, the President of the country Kasym-Jomart Tokayev noted that every citizen should realise responsibility for the future of the country. Trade unions, in their turn, should make every effort to restore social justice, without which it is impossible to build a fair Kazakhstan. Building fair labour relations, restoring justice to the Man of Labour is a priority task for trade unions,” Satybaldy Dauletalin stressed.

Meanwhile, today in Almaty region and Zhetysu there are 14 branches of regional branch trade unions and 4 local trade unions, which include 734 primary trade union organisations, covering more than 85 thousand trade union members.

For the period from 2021 to the first quarter of 2023, with the assistance of the Trade Union Centre of the region, 160 primary trade union organisations were established, covering 11,255 trade union members.