Today, the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed Memorandums of Cooperation between the Youth Council of the Federation of Trade Unions “KELESHEK” and the Committee for Youth and Family Affairs of the Ministry of Information and Social Development, as well as with the Research Center “Youth”.

The parties intend to join efforts to promote the values of labor and create conditions for the self-realization of young people. At the meeting, the activities of the FPRK Youth Council were presented, significant achievements of the organization, plans for the development of international cooperation were presented, and proposals for further interaction with the youth structures of Kazakhstan were discussed.

Opening the meeting, Nurlan Uteshev, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, noted that in the framework of the modernization of trade union activities, special emphasis was placed on strengthening and intensifying work with youth.

“An effective youth policy of the Federation is work on harmonizing the values of working youth, building a system of youth councils, regular participation of youth in collective actions and solidarity actions. Today, creative and bright young people are in the ranks of the trade union. It is these people who are able to increase the potential of working youth as the driving force of the country,” Nurlan Uteshev emphasized.

The importance of deepening the dialogue of youth organizations was noted in his speech by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Youth and Family Affairs of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Rolan Kuspan.

He stressed that the Youth Council “Keleshek” has a high responsibility for protecting the rights of working youth.

“The voice of working youth should always be heard in the formation of state policy and the solution of significant social and labor issues. Today, the number of youth organizations is growing in the country, and the process of their transformation is also underway. It is very important to develop effective measures to solve the pressing problems of young people and provide an opportunity for self-realization of young Kazakhstanis,” Roland Kuspan emphasized.

For his part, he expressed readiness to support the implementation of youth initiatives.

Noting the relevance of the issue of providing housing, he suggested considering the introduction of preferential housing programs for young workers at large enterprises of the country.

Chairman of the Youth Council of the FPRK “KELESHEK” Ayan Salimgereev, presenting the activities of the organization, said that the number of trade union youth under the age of 35 is 401,729 people, or 25.1% of the total number of trade union members.

He informed the participants about the important projects implemented by the youth council, including the traditional Forum of Working Youth “Zhas Kelse-Iske!”, the ProfBookClub book club, the Keleshek volunteer headquarters, the KEA corporate foundation to support youth initiatives and the project “ 30 labor ambassadors.

Speaking about the priorities in the work of the Council, Ayan Salimgereev named five main trends – focusing on the social and economic problems of young people, attracting young people to the trade union ranks, volunteering, working with the informal sector and involvement in political processes.

The Chairman of the Youth Council “Keleshek” at the Trade Union Center of the region, deputy of the Maslikhat of Pavlodar Gulzira Atabayeva told the participants about the activities of young trade union leaders in the Pavlodar region.

“Today, 133 thousand trade union members are actively working in the Pavlodar region, of which 38% are young people. Pavlodar Regional Council, due to the specifics of the region, gives priority to the working conditions in which our peers work. Speaking about labor obligations, few of the young workers know that they also have a collective agreement at their enterprises, the norms of which, according to the law, the employer is obliged to fulfill. The trade union center of Pavlodar region conducted an analysis of collective agreements. As it turned out, at the enterprises, there are a lot of opportunities for developing the potential of a young employee and ways to motivate,” said Gulzira Atabayeva.

According to her, the Council conducts information and explanatory work of the state program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship on the projects “First Job”, “Youth Practice”, “Atlas of Professions”, as well as on the employment of students and students in the youth groups “Zhasyl El”, and is also a regular participant of the “Job Fair”.

In addition, together with the Conciliation Center “Tatulasu Ortalygy”, a Student Mediation Center was opened on the basis of Toraigyr University. And since February 2020, at the initiative of the Council, together with the social entrepreneur Emin Askerov, a social workshop was opened for the employment of persons with disabilities on the basis of Toraigyrov University.

Today, our council is developing a project to provide training in labor legislation for working people with disabilities.

Aimira Bagramova, Chairman of the Youth Council “Keleshek” at the Trade Union Center of the Karaganda region, reported on the promotion of youth policy in her region.

The Youth Council “Keleshek” at the Trade Union Center of the Karaganda region organizes meetings in modern formats, various cultural, sports, intellectual events for working youth. Last year alone, the Council organized and held events in which more than 5,000 representatives of trade union youth took part: a series of intellectual games “Ziyatker kasipodaq zhastary”; literary evening “My favorite book”; mini-football tournament; fishing competition; a trade union meeting with the creative personality of the city of Karaganda – Dmitry Morozov, an online meeting on the topic: “The role of the initiatives of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan for working youth” and other events,” said Aimira Bagramova.

Separately, she dwelled on the volunteer direction of the Council.

“In 2022, together with industry and local trade union organizations, we provided the necessary support to families with many children and families with special children with congratulations at home and delivery of food packages as part of the Trade Union Helps, Road to School Without Borders, Children’s Day “,” Marathon of good deeds. As part of these events, more than 3 thousand families received social trade union support for a total amount of more than 33 million tenge,” she added.

The event served as an effective dialogue platform for putting forward creative ideas and discussing a number of projects to support working youth, where youth leaders presented their initiatives aimed at increasing the competitiveness of young people in the labor market and their involvement in the social and labor activities of the country.


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