Trade unions of Kazakhstan and Japan are working on the development of social and labor relations

Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Satybaldy Dauletalin is on a working visit to Tokyo (Japan).

Working visit of the Chairman of the FTURK was held at the invitation of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (RENGO) in its ongoing program to train trade union leaders in developing countries.

The purpose of this program is a fruitful exchange of experience of trade union leaders from Asia, Africa, Central and South America and other regions.

As emphasized Satybaldy Dauletalin, the rich program of the visit will allow the Kazakhstani side to study the best practices of Japan in the field of labor relations, social protection of workers and state employment policy.

“This exchange of experience will contribute to the further development of cooperation between trade union organizations of the two countries. During a recent meeting with the President of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Japan Tomoko Yoshino within the framework of the 112th session of the International Labor Conference in Geneva, an agreement was reached to intensify bilateral cooperation on topical issues on the trade union agenda, including in the framework of joint projects under the JILAF educational program. We are confident that the Program implemented by Japanese colleagues will contribute to the further development of free democratic principles of trade union movement and promotion of decent working conditions in Kazakhstan”, – said Satybaldy Dauletalin.

It should be noted that the program of the visit of the Chairman of the FTURK includes a number of important meetings and activities to strengthen mutual cooperation between the national trade union centers of Kazakhstan and Japan.

The first day of Satybaldy Dauletalin’s visit was marked by participation in lectures and other events organized by JILAF, including lectures on the Japanese economy, as well as on the labor movement and labor relations in Japan.

Lectures and discussions on topical social and labor issues were held at the headquarters of the Japan Trade Union Confederation. At the meeting between the Chairman of the FTURK and the General Secretary of JILAF, Toshikazu Saito, the parties exchanged experience and discussed the prospects for further cooperation in the development of trade union education of the two countries.

The next point of the program will be a visit to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan. The program of the visit of the Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions provides for familiarization with the work of the Ministry, discussion of issues of social protection of workers, labor protection and employment.

An important stage of the visit will be a visit to the Japanese Productivity Center, where it is planned to study the experience of Japan in the field of increasing the efficiency of production, introduction of modern technologies and methods of labor organization.

In addition, the program of the trip includes a visit to the city of Hiroshima, where the delegates will commemorate the victims of the atomic bombing and learn about Japan’s experience in the reconstruction of the city and the development of peaceful atom.

As part of the trip Satybaldy Dauletalin will visit one of the Japanese companies, where it is planned to meet with workers and management of the enterprise on social partnership and ensuring decent working conditions.

The final event will be a visit to the state employment office Hello Work. It should be noted that the institution plays an important role in promoting employment in Japan.

Background: The Japan International Labor Foundation JILAF was established in 1989 by the Japanese Confederation of Trade Unions (RENGO) to exchange experiences and conduct training seminars and to promote the development of healthy social and economic relations in developing countries. Its activities are funded by the government (Ministry of Labor of Japan)


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