What is a trade union:

  • Uniting citizens in order to protect their rights and interests improve working conditions, find new ways to improve the quality of life and ensure social guarantees.
  • An association of workers connected by common labor, production and professional interests.
  • The legal and independent representative of employees in their relationship with the employer.

What the union does:

  • Negotiates with employers, on behalf of employees concludes and monitors the implementation of agreements and collective agreements, which spell out benefits and social guarantees.
  • Carries out public control over the observance of labor legislation.
  • Carries out public control over the state of health and safety.
  • Protects the interests of union members through conciliation and conciliation commissions, labor arbitration, and a commission for investigating accidents at work.
  • Provides legal and advisory assistance.

How to join a union:

  • If your enterprise already has a primary trade union organization (primary organization), you must write an application to the trade union committee for admission to union membership and collection of membership dues. Confirmation of membership in a trade union is a trade union card issued by the trade union committee. Before joining a trade union, you have the right to familiarize yourself with the Charter and regulations on the primary trade union organization.
  • If your company does not yet have a trade union organization, you can form one yourself.