Meeting of Trade Union information workers of member organizations of the PERC

A meeting of trade union information workers of member organizations of the Pan European Regional Council of the International Confederation of Trade Unions (INC-PERC) from the countries of the newly independent States and South-Eastern Europe is held in Belgrade.

The director of the information and analytical center Serikkaly Mukashev took part in the meeting from the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan

How effectively to deliver information to citizens, share it with their members and use cooperation with the media – the answers to these questions are sought by many trade union organizations around the world.

The participants had an opportunity to share their experience, discuss actual problems, and listen to the informative presentations.

There were reports on the trade union strategic goals and campaigns on concrete examples, on the main tools of information work and the presentation of representatives of national professional centers. One of the most discussed topics was “Trade Unions in social networks: presence, goals, and instruments”.

During the meeting, the participants also worked in groups and looked for ways to improve both internal and external communications. They agreed to improve the exchange of information between their professional centers and, if necessary, to show solidarity.