FPRK and the F. Ebert Fund held a meeting in Astana

On 12 July a meeting of the Chairman of the Committee on Socio-Economic Relations and Social partnership of the Federation of Trade Unions Satybaldy Dauletalin with Henriette Kiefer the regional director of the Fund named by F. Ebert was held in Kazakhstan. The meeting was attended by the head of the Fund’s representative office in Astana Shutov Z., representatives of the Department of Legal Support and international cooperation FPRK Usiрbekovа J. and Issenov A.

Further plans for interaction between the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan and the F. Ebert Fund were discussed during the meeting.

Representatives of the Federation of Trade Unions informed the representatives of the Fund named by F. Ebert on the ongoing FPRK system work on the development of social partnership and social dialogue in the field of work, improvement of social and labour relations and labour legislation as well as the role of trade union organizations in these areas. The work on development of extrajudicial mediation is especially noted.

At present the Federation of Trade Unions within the framework of the signed memorandum with the Supreme Court of the RK on the basis of the territorial trade develops centers of reconciliation. In these centers, in order of pre-trial mediation will be carried out work on the resolution of disputes of various aspects with the priority direction will be the resolution of issues arising on labour relations which are the most sensitive and socially important.

The Parties discussed joint projects and agreed on the development of the most effective algorithm of interaction as well as expressed their commitment to further cooperation in the field of building capacity and training of trade union workers.