Delegations of Trade Unions from Romania FGS “FAMILIA” and Moldova «Sindicons» visited Astana

The Deputy Chairman of the FPRK Mukhtar Tinikeev took part in the reception of the delegation of trade unions from Romania FGS “FAMILIA” and Moldova “Sindicons” at the invitation of Kazakhstan Branch trade union of construction complex, housing and utilities.

On July 18, 2018 an international delegation headed by the Chairman of the Federation of the General Trade Unions of Romania FGS “FAMILIA” Bjelacheanu Georg arrived on a working visit to the capital of Kazakhstan in accordance with the invitation of the Branch trade union of workers of construction complex and housing and utilities. The Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of construction and building materials industry of the Republic of Moldova «Sindicons» Talmaci Victor attended the delegation.

The Federation of Common Trade Unions FGS “FAMILIA” is a federal organization formed in 1993 by the merger of four major trade union organizations operating in the construction and construction materials sectors in Romania. FGS “FAMILIA” consists of 164 regional trade unions and trade unions joining trade union members from four industries (categories): construction, building materials and ceramics as well as public services.

On the first day of the stay, the international delegation met with the trade union of the city branch of “Astana”, an industry trade union of construction workers and housing and utilities.