International program for trade union leaders from around the world opened in Japan

Today in Tokyo opened a representative program for trade union leaders around the world organized by the Japanese International Labour Foundation (JILAF). The Japanese International Labour Foundation (JILAF) was established by the RENGO (Japan Confederation of Trade Unions) in May 1989 as an organization promoting international exchange and cooperation in the field of labour.

President Jilaf Hiroyuki Nagumo, general director of Jilaf Takao Jasunaga and executive director of Misajuki Shiota and others addressed the participants with a welcoming speech.

The main objective of the program is to familiarize trade union leaders from Asia, Africa, Central and South America with the real working situation and labor relations in Japan, to establish fruitful exchanges and to use the experience gained in Japan for their countries. Thus is to facilitate trade union movement and socio-economic development for the benefit of their own states.

Participants of the program will take part in lectures and other events organized by JILAF including lectures on Japanese economy and Japanese society and also on movement of workers and industrial relations in Japan.

In addition, participants will deepen their knowledge through communication with Japanese trade union leaders on the ground. Fruitful meetings are expected with the Japan trade union, with representatives of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Welfare of Japan, a visit to the Politek Center (Professional Training Center), the prefecture of Mie and Social Security Council.

From the Federation of Trade Unions of the RK in work of program Jilaf take part chairman of the FPRK Bakytzhan Abdіrayim, the Director of Department of Legal support and international cooperation of the FPRK Yerzhan Egemberdiyev, the chairman of the TUTU of the Almaty region Asset Kydyrmanov and deputy chairman of the branch trade union of education and science workers of East-Kazakhstan region Yelena Krupko. From the CIS countries, besides Kazakhstan, the trade union leaders of Uzbekistan and Ukraine take part in the work of the program.