Trip to the primary trade-union organization of the Almaty car-repair plant was held

On September 21, trip to the primary trade union organization of the Almaty Car Repair Plant (ACRP) took place.

The reason was a complaint of the plant’s staff to the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan about the deterioration of labor relations, a reduction in the volume of production, and as a result, a decrease in wages.

The trip took place in conjunction with the Labor Inspectors of the State Inspection of Labor and Migration of Almaty in the framework of the Tripartite Regional Agreement on Social Partnership.

A.Tsoi, the director of ACRP, spoke frankly, explaining that the decrease in the volume of car-repair production was due to the general economic downturn in the country, as well as the decrease in demand for standard wagons, and the transition of the National Company “Kazakhstan TemirZholy” to Talgo-type wagons. Despite temporary difficulties, wages are paid on time, and there is no official staff reduction.

Representatives of the TATU “Trade Union Center of Almaty” made a speech at the meeting. They answered the questions of the plant employees (about overtime payment, about the case of late issuance of vacation pay). On all questions were immediately given instructions to the plant’s management to understand and take action.

Also, explanatory work was carried out on labor legislation, and on the terms of the Collective Agreement, a protocol was drawn up after the meeting.

Representatives of the TATU “Trade Union Center of Almaty” noted that the situation in the plant is put under control in the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The parties agreed to re-meet in October, with the participation of the Almaty branch of the industry trade union of railway, automobile, air and water transport workers in the city of Almaty.