International Day of Older Persons is celebrated worldwide

On the first day of October all over the world and in our country people celebrate the Day of older persons. The date was proclaimed back in 1991 at the session of the UN General Assembly.

Today in the world the number of elderly people is increasing annually. According to experts, this is a logical and not a bad tendency, as it may seem at first glance. First, it is a visual indicator of the increase in the so-called life expectancy of the population. Secondly, for their age, older people already have their own real estate, cars and savings, and are also considered economically active market participants who can contribute to the development of society and entire segments of the economy.

So, only 2 million pensioners live in Kazakhstan alone. They regularly receive support from the state. This year, 7.5 billion tenge was allocated for these purposes, which were used to provide one-time financial assistance, travel privilege in public transport, sanatorium-resort treatment and more. But for many, the most expensive gift on this day will be attention and human warmth. On the first day of October, it is customary to call and meet with parents and grandparents, congratulate them on the holiday, say words of love, tell the latest news.

The city branch “Astana” of the industry trade union of workers of the construction complex and housing and public utilities annually organizes a solemn meeting devoted to the Day of Older Persons.