In Aktobe, were considered the collective appeal of workers of LLP “KKBK” Great Wall “

November 16th of this year The Trade Union Center of the Aktobe region, together with social partners, the management of internal policy and the labor inspectorate visited the enterprise “KKBK “Great Wall”, where they considered the collective appeal of workers.

The essence of the appeal is the disagreement of workers with a change in working conditions, respectively, with a decrease in wages.

This issue was supported by the TOP and the local trade union of the Company, reviewed at the conciliation commission, and as a result, the previously issued act of the employer was canceled, and the former working conditions were restored to the employees.

The collective agreement in force at the enterprise is one of the best in the region; the local trade union of the Company, headed by Chairman Umarov B., is actively working to protect the rights and interests of workers, introducing new methods and approaches, including in the implementation of the Roadmap for the modernization of trade unions.

In turn, the delegation explained the basics of the Message of the President of the Republic of  Kazakhstan, in which, with the participation of trade union bodies, the company plans to increase the minimum wage by 15-20%. Today, the average salary at the enterprise is 200 thousand tenge.

“KKBK “Great Wall” LLP is one of the largest oilfield service companies in the region, providing comprehensive customer service in the field of drilling, casing and well repair.