Meeting with the leadership of the trade union committee of KSU “Center for the re-socialization of persons who have been in a difficult life situation”

November 19, Deputy Chairman of the Trade Union Center of Astana, Chairman of the City Branch of the branch trade union of workers of state, banking institutions and public development Tolegen Kunadilova met with the leadership and chairman of the trade union committee of the KSU “Center for the re-socialization of people who have found themselves in a difficult life situation” of Astana Akimat and got acquainted with working conditions employees of this Center. The director of the company, Murat Kariyev, noted that the company, which provides social, social, labor, socio-psychological, social, medical and socio-cultural services for people in difficult situations, employs about 80 people. Tolegen Kunadilov told the leadership and the trade union committee about the modernization of the trade union movement in Kazakhstan, about the reforms carried out by the Federation of Trade Unions and about the goals and objectives of the trade union as the main institution of civil society to protect the rights and interests of the working person. The chairman of the trade union committee of the Center, Raisa Podgayskaya, as the organizer of the meeting, thanked the representatives of the Astana Trade Center and assured them of further close and active cooperation. After all, employees of the Center experience emotional and psychological stress every day when rendering services to people without a certain place of residence, they do not receive high wages, and thus cannot participate in government programs like “7-20-25”, etc. Therefore, issues related to the increase in wages of employees will be submitted to the city commission on social issues and regulation of social and labor relations.