APPEAL of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the social partners, civil society and the trade union movement

Today, Kazakhstan’s society lives on the rise of national and spiritual consciousness, which was given a powerful impetus by President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan in his program documents: “New development opportunities in the fourth industrial revolution”, “Five social initiatives”, “Ruhani zhangyru” , “Uly dalanyn zheti kyry” The Federation of Trade Unions actively participates in the formation of a new Kazakhstan and is in the forefront of work to improve the well-being of the people, form modernized values ​​in society and improve the quality of working life. The extraordinary XXV Congress of the Trade Union Federation held on October 3 of this year demonstrated the unity of opinions and the strength of the positions of trade union members in upholding the interests and protecting the rights of workers. The head of state, in his welcoming address to the participants of the congress, emphasized the important role of modern trade unions in the socio-economic development of Kazakhstan. “The Federation of Trade Unions, assuming responsibility for the modernization of the labor sphere, together with employers should be the driving force of social adaptation of Kazakhstan to the new conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” the President’s greeting says. All new transformations and directions of modernization of trade unions are primarily aimed at ensuring decent work and social justice of workers. This is the main meaning and essence of the Federation of Trade Unions, and we will never deviate from these principles. Our focus will always be the Labor Man. Our strength is in unity and coordinated work with government and business through a well-built system of social partnership. We are responsible for the welfare of our society and the sustainable economic development of our country. Therefore, our main slogan and motto is the principle “a stable enterprise – a stable society – a stable country!”. As the largest public organization in the field of protecting the rights and interests of the Person of Labor in Kazakhstan, the Federation of Trade Unions calls on all the creative forces of civil society to unite and consolidate, to unite to fulfill important social tasks set in the program documents of the Head of State, to unite efforts for economic and social protection. Workers and the comprehensive development of the human capital index. Without developing human capital and ensuring decent work, no country can achieve sustainable development and economic growth. Decent work is an opportunity to get decent and meaningful work in conditions of freedom, equality and human dignity, it is work in safe conditions, it is the provision of full social protection and the opportunity to provide a decent life for an employee and his family. Developed social partnership, social dialogue, raising the level of workers’ awareness of their labor and social rights best contribute to the comprehensive development of human capital and the support of decent work in the country. In this most important matter, the joint efforts of all parties to social partnership, the role of each of us, are important and invaluable.