Women’s empowerment

This thesis was often heard in the speeches of the ITUC leaders and the ITUC World Congress Participants. The General Council heard a report from Gladeis Branche – the Chairperson of the ITUC Women’s Committee. The main topic of the report was G. Bransh on the issues of achieving gender equality in the world of work and the problem of eliminating violence against women in the workplace. G. Branche expressed the hope that the Congress will become an important platform for discussing the issues of attracting women to trade unions, promoting them to leadership positions in trade unions. Mrs. Branche made several statements regarding changes to the ITUC Statute, namely 50% representativeness of women in elected bodies of affiliates, 30% representation of women in the ITUC General Council, election of at least 2 women to five Deputy General Secretaries. The gender issue was also acute in the composition of delegations for participation in the Congress, the main requirement is the presence of 50% of the number of women’s delegations. The leading post of the Secretary General in the ITUC is occupied by a woman, Australian Sherron Barrow. It can be said with confidence that the next post of such an authoritative international organization uniting 207 million people in its ranks will be occupied by a woman. This will be announced on December 5, 2018 after the election of the Secretary General, candidates for the post of which are the current head of the ITUC S. Barrow and the leader of the General Italian Confederation of Labor Susanna Comussot.