Guarding the interests of the Labor Man

Trade unions of the country are aimed at improving the quality of working life and ensuring decent working conditions. In Atyrau, the activities of the trade union organizations of the country’s western region that had taken place over 2018 were summed up.The meeting was attended by TUFRK Chairman Bakytzhan Abdirayim, mayor of Atyrau region Nurlan Nogayev, as well as representatives of sectoral trade unions and social partners.

The meeting participants were briefed on the main achievements of the territorial trade union centers of Aktyubinsk, Atyrau, West Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda and Mangystau regions as part of the implementation of the Roadmap for the modernization of Kazakhstani trade unions for 2018-2019.

The priority direction of trade unions in their activities is public control over compliance with labor laws.

Thus, with the direct support of  Aktobe region’ s trade unions association, the rights of workers of several large enterprises  were protected last year.

At the request of the LLP “Great Wall” enterprise’s employees , the former act of the employer was abolished and the working conditions corresponding to the requirements of the environmental management system were preserved.

With the assistance of the trade union, the employer of Sayz Petroleum Company LLP transferred 134 million tenge to the state social insurance fund for the insurance of employees and paid penalties in the total amount of 65 million tenge. As a result, the company’s employees are provided with social benefits stipulated by the country’s legislation.

Positive results were noted in the work of the Atyrau region’s trade union center as a result of the implementation of the “Safe Labor” regional program  and the republican action “Together we will increase the prevention culture in the domain of labor protection.”

In comparison with 2017, the region has reduced the level of injuries by 65% and the mortality rate at work by 50% from 12 to 6 cases correspondingly.

In addition, over the past year, the Atyrau region’s trade union association has been supported in improving the working conditions for employees at several large enterprises.

On the collective appeal of 100 employees of the South Korean company called Alties Petroleum International on the issue of additional payments for hazardous working conditions, the trade union center organized a platform for negotiations between the employer and the workers, during which mutual agreement was reached and the labor conflict was prevented at an early stage.

Operational measures to prevent labor disputes are also being taken by the trade union center of Mangystau region. In the region, informational and explanatory work is carried out on a systematic basis, and many controversial issues with employers are being resolved.

According to the results of the joint work of the of the West Kazakhstani region’s Trage Union Association with the social partners in the framework of the Republican campaign “Conclude an employment contract”, last year the rights of 2276 employees were protected through the conclusion of employment contracts with  employers.

Thus, as a result of the active work of the organization in Kyzylorda region, carried out jointly with the social partners with employers, it became possible to secure 86% or 6005 operating enterprises and organizations with collective agreements.

284 people turned to the Conciliation Center opened at the end of  October, 2018 on the base of the Kyzylorda regions’ trade union association to protect their rights and interests, where 28 disputes were successfully resolved, and in 11 cases the parties reached a settlement agreement. In other questions mediation recommendations and legal advice were given.

Following the consideration of social and labor issues in the western regions, the TUFRK Chairman outlined priorities for the further improvement of trade union activities for 2019, including toughening public control over safety and labor protection and increasing the efficiency of production councils, widespread involvement of working youth in the trade union movement, improving pay conditions and other relevant areas, to be considered by the territorial trade union centers.