Memorandum of mutual cooperation

8 February 2019, the building of Federation of the Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan between the National Centre for public health, Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Public Fund “Kazakhstan sports society of the Trade union” Federation of the Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed a Memorandum on mutual cooperation, the demonstration of the goodwill and the intention of the parties in a strategic partnership.

The purpose of this Memorandum is to develop cooperation between the parties in the field of public health.

The parties intend to work in the following areas:

– carrying out joint research projects;

– training, retraining and advanced training of public health specialists, technical inspectors on labor protection;

– joint preparation and publication of guidelines for the production of gymnastics, physical culture breaks, sports sections.

This parity cooperation contributes to the improvement of the nation, improving the standard of living of workers, will lead to an active healthy lifestyle, reduce occupational diseases associated with production.

In addition to the Advisory assistance of the parties, practical skills in physical culture and sports, industrial gymnastics, organization and holding of sports events on the ground will be applied, occupational safety and security will increase.

Public Fund ” Kazakhstan sports and health society of trade unions»