“YNTYMAQ” — the Union of the new format!

At the meeting of the Board of the Trade Union branch of small and medium business workers “Yntymaq” held on January 31 of this year, the results of the past year were discussed and ways of organizational strengthening and further development were outlined.

The Chairman of the Trade Union branch “Yntymaq”, Satybaldy Dauletaly explained to our newspaper some of the most promising plans of Trade Union’s activity.

At the Board meeting, we firmly stated that we are a “paperless union” and move to an electronic format of work.

Digitalization of work of the Trade Union branch, first of all, allows to ensure transparency of the number of Ttrade Union members, to conduct an operational analysis of the qualitative and quantitative composition of the industry, to forecast the volume of membership fees and much more.

In the pursuit of this goal we have launched a program complex “Digital Trade Union” in a pilot mode in the Kostanay region. The program allows you to keep track on members of the Trade Union to carry out analysis and data processing. When a new member is included in the database, a unique Trade Union ticket is automatically generated and printed. Each member of the Trade Union has access to the personal account, and partners in the implementation of the discount program, thanks to the QR-code on the card can make sure whether their client is a member of the Trade Union. Currently, the program is being prepared for integration with the mobile application and the 1C contribution accounting database. In addition, the program itself has a built-in electronic document management and rapid messaging.


In order to increase the efficiency of the use of the Trade Union membership fees by the Trade Union organizations, to ensure the targeted and rational use of the Trade Union funds, we have approved the standards of the Trade Union budget (standard nomenclature and standards for the use of the Trade Union membership fees by primary Trade Union organizations and membership organizations).

What a sin to conceal, in practice, Union members can only guess where the Union funds are spent. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to make financial activities open, transparent and orderly. If solidarity is the muscles of an organization, then Finance is its blood.

We have clearly spelled out the articles of the Trade Union budget-each primary organization must understand how much it will spend on financial assistance, health improvement, cultural, sports and other activities. The effective work of the Trade Union is impossible if the contributions of its members are insufficient or are spent for other purposes, that is, not for the development and maintenance of the organization.

Along with this provided for a reserve Fund in case of unforeseen situations.  We also agreed that if necessary, we will return to the issue of the Trade Union standard and, if necessary, we will change something. But that in the financial plan there have to be an order and discipline, it is unambiguous.

It is also very important for us that all Union members have access to detailed information about how their funds are spent. This is a strong incentive for the timely and continuous payment of contributions. Transparency is the main condition for the effectiveness of the financial policy of the Trade Union “Yntymaq”.


In the development of this direction, we are launching a unique project “Your budget-2019”. This is an opportunity for each member of the Trade Union to implement their ideas to improve the activities of the Trade Union through participation in the selection of objects of expenditure of budgetary funds, as well as in the subsequent monitoring of the implementation of selected projects.

“Your budget” is an innovative form of public discussion, involving Union members in the allocation of budget funds of the trade Union.

If we talk about plans for the nearest future, we will hold the first Republican forum of freelancers in the 20s of February.

As you know, the phenomenon of free employment of the population, especially young people, is an integral attribute of the development of the employment market in modern conditions. At the same time, this target group of workers very often remains out of the attention of human rights organizations and faces a certain set of risks. In addition, such workers do not have their own organization and often fall into the focus of violations of labor and other rights.

Therefore, the purpose of the forum is to unite free workers and create favorable conditions for the development of the Institute of freelancers, providing methodological and legal assistance to existing freelancers, increasing entrepreneurial activity of citizens, the formation of a positive image of a free worker in society.

The Forum is expected to involve representatives of free workers, trade unions, small, medium and large businesses, executive and representative authorities, business support structures, and the media.

The forum will include discussion platforms, meetings and informal discussions. It is also expected to present the coworking center of trade unions and start-up competition.


Taking this opportunity, I want to invite freelancers to participate in the forum.