Today, the Collective agreement between the management of the sanatorium “Zhanakorgan” and the trade Union of the sanatorium has been amended in support of mothers with many children.

These changes were made with the participation of the Chairman of the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan B. Abdirayim for the regulation of labor and social relations.

In particular, mothers of many children and single mothers will be paid double the minimum wage annually by the day of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition, the workers of the sanatorium will receive a minimum wage for each born child.

As the head of the FPRK noted: “the trade Union always stands on the protection of labor rights and interests of workers. Recently, Akimats of Kyzylorda and Turkestan regions signed memorandums with FPRK aimed at improving working conditions. Today in this collective the agreement on providing social support to mothers with many children was reached. In the future, such measures will be continued at other enterprises, ” B. Abdirayim said.

Currently, 218 employees work in the sanatorium “Zhanakorgan”. There are 50 mothers with many children, 9 of whom are single.

Employees of the company were encouraged to hear this message. Among them Ulbike Omirzakov, nurse, mother of many children: “I’ve been working here for 37 years and seen a lot.  I am glad that today the number of young people in the team is growing. They are proud to be able to work in a well-known stable sanatorium. At today’s meeting, we would like to Express our gratitude to the management of the enterprise and the trade Union for the support of mothers with many children.”