On April 1, the training program “trade Union movement and social policy” was launched, which is conducted by the largest Turkish Confederation of trade unions “MEMUR-SEN”. The program is intended for specialists in the field of trade Union activities, representatives of 24 countries from different regions of the world take part in this program. АЗКЛ is represented by the head of the legal sector Almat isenov.

The program was opened by the Chairman of “MEMUR-SEN” Ali Yalchin and rector of the University “Ankara Haji Bayram Veli” Yusuf Tekin, who spoke about the goals and objectives of the training course. Ali Yalchin noted that “Today we are starting a training course, and representatives of many countries are present in the hall, regardless of religion, skin color, nationality. We will study and share experience on issues related to modern work in the world.”

In the framework of the training seminars, participants will get acquainted with the Political and administrative structure of Turkey, labor relations on the example of Turkey, the Union of civil servants, the Union of the working class of Turkey, social policy in the field of income distribution and poverty issues and al.