Federation of trade unions to employers of the country

The health of the population and the state of the health system is one of the main indicators and criteria of the level of development of the state. Sustainable development of the country is characterized not only by socio-economic indicators, but also implies an increase in life expectancy. Meeting social needs, including health care, is becoming a major development goal for any country in the world.

To date, the issue of rural health development in Kazakhstan is of particular relevance.

On April 2, 2019 at a meeting of the Government of Kazakhstan, Prime Minister Askar Mamin announced a number of instructions to improve the availability and quality of primary health care (PHC).

One of the instructions was the issue of social support for young people attracted to rural settlements.

In this direction, in order to support young professionals in demand in regional and district medical organizations, the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan together with the branch trade Union “SENIM” established a Certificate with a nominal value of 500 000 tenge as additional incentive payments (“lifting”).

Selection of candidates is carried out on the basis of the application of the primary trade Union organization, with a decision at a joint meeting of the regional Executive Committee of the trade Union “SENIM” and the regional health Department.

With the recipient of the funds is a Contract in which the young specialist undertakes to work at least 2 years in a medical institution.

Currently, 36 specialists from Western and southern regions have become holders of Certificates.

At the upcoming youth Forums planned by FPRK together with the trade Union “SENIM” in the near future will be issued another 30 certificates for young health workers.

In total, it is planned to issue 80 Certificates worth 40 million tenge by the end of the year.

The Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan calls on employers to support this initiative to provide social support to young health professionals involved in districts and villages.

Today, investing resources in young professionals, we get a decent future of the working population, raise the prestige of social workers in the field, help to educate a healthy generation of Kazakhstanis!