8 April in the framework of the working visit of the President of S. dyusenov, Vice-chair I. Toxaway ROO “Branch trade Union of health workers “SENIM” in the Organisation of SKO held a meeting with trade Union activists of health care workers “SENIM” in SKO. During the meeting, the issues of preparation and participation of the North Kazakhstan delegation at the regional Forum of young professionals of the health system “SENIM” in Kostanay region were discussed. The results of regional youth Forums held in Kyzylorda and Atyrau were discussed.

The Republican trade Union “SENIM” launched a program of issuing Certificates with a nominal value of 500 thousand tenge as charitable assistance for the implementation of professional activities and consolidation of personnel in the village — medical staff, members of the trade Union “SENIM”.

Another decision of the Central Council of the SENIM trade Union to issue Certificates to improve living conditions for doctors and secondary medical personnel, members of the Union of health workers of the SENIM system, was enthusiastically adopted by the trade Union activists. Issuance of Certificates is intended for free payment by the Union of an initial contribution of 20% for the purchase of housing. Candidates for certificates are nominated by primary trade Union organizations.

Chairman of the ROO “Branch trade Union of health care workers “SENIM” S. Dyusenov informed the asset that for members of the trade Union “SENIM” North Kazakhstan region is scheduled to issue 4 Certificates to secure personnel in the village and 5 Certificates to improve housing conditions.

Chairman of the trade Union Center of SKO E. Nurakaev in his speech noted that for the first time in the history of the trade Union movement the trade Union “SENIM” implemented programs to support young professionals and health care workers, which are effective tools in addressing social and housing issues of Union members, industry workers. Such programmes help to motivate trade Union membership, enhance the image and status of trade unions.

During the meeting, trade Union leaders answered a number of questions. Chairman of the trade Union Committee of the regional hospital D. Petrishchev, on behalf of the trade Union of the region, thanked the Central Council for social initiatives aimed at helping health workers, members of the Union “SENIM”.