Within the framework of the Year of youth, announced in the country by the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Federation of trade unions continues to support and strengthen the capacity of working youth in the labor market.

April 12 in the sanatorium “Merke” Zhambyl region held a Forum of young workers “Zhas kelse – ISKE!”(“The way of youth!”), which United the leaders of the youth trade Union movement. The event was organized by the Federation of trade unions together with akimat of Zhambyl region.

The forum was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan Yerlan Sairov, Deputy akim of Zhambyl region Muratkhan Shukeev, Chairman of the National chamber of education and innovation Murat Abenov, representatives of state bodies, prominent scientists, representatives of young workers and startups.

The purpose of the event was to increase the competitiveness of young people in the labor market and their involvement in the social and labor activities of the country, as well as support the initiatives of young workers.

The Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the largest public organization in the country and has about two million members, of which more than 32 per cent are young workers.

Welcoming the participants of the forum, Deputy Chairman of the FPRK Yerlan Sairov stressed the importance and timeliness of the discussion of topical issues of strengthening the labor guarantees of young people and their involvement in the activities of trade unions.

It was noted that young people are one of the active resources of society with important potential in the future.

— Trade unions support the promotion of the competitiveness of young people in the labor market, the protection of their interests and the formation of civic activity. We always welcome your current and creative initiatives aimed at implementing the idea of a Society of universal labor, — said Erlan Sairov.

Particular attention during the forum was paid to the activities of the Youth Council of the FPRK “KELESHEK”, which actively implements ideas and projects for the further development of the trade Union movement and actively conducts activities throughout the country.

Presentations and workshops by representatives of the scientific and applied sector were informative for young trade Union leaders, which allowed participants not only to reveal and show their individual creative and organizational skills, but also inspired participation in the common cause and solidarity, which is the core of the trade Union movement.

Advocating for the creation of favorable conditions for labor socialization, youth leaders enthusiastically discussed ways to solve important social and labor issues and expressed their commitment to become the unifying force that will allow them to use their energy, innovation and initiative in the implementation of the ideas and basic values of the trade Union movement of the country.

As a result of the forum, the participants adopted an Appeal in which the leaders of the youth trade Union movement call on the new generation of Kazakhstanis to take an active part in the social and political life of the country.