Trade unions must always confront the unjust foundations of society.

With such an appeal addressed to the head of the Confederation of Memur-Saint Ali Alchin at the VI Congress of the Confederation 20 April 2019 in the city of Ankara.

The Congress was attended by the Minister of justice of Turkey, Minister of labor and social protection of Turkey, chairmen of all political parties of Turkey, heads of public associations of Turkey, chairmen of Confederation committees, delegates of the Congress, as well as 250 delegates of the international conference, including representatives of the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Anticipating the work of the Congress, the participants paid tribute to the soldiers of the Turkish armed forces who died on April 19 in a clash between members of the terrorist organization of the RCC during the operation on the border of Turkey and Iraq. In memory of them were read Suras from the Koran.

The Chairman of the Presidium of the Congress made a proposal to include in the final Declaration of the Congress a paragraph condemning the actions of terrorists and calling for a continuous fight against terrorism to ensure national security.

At the same time, he stressed that during the years of Turkey’s Independence in the fight against terrorism, the number of innocent deaths of Turkish citizens reached 30 thousand people.

It was also noted that in the days when the destructive forces tried to carry out a coup in Turkey, the iron will of the people was expressed, which was conducted by the Confederation of Memur-sen, led by Ali Alchin.

Before the speeches of the speakers, a video about the activities of The memur-sen Confederation was presented to the attention of the Congress participants.

If the number of the Confederation of Memur-sen in the period from 1992-2015 was 806 thousand members, today it is more than 1 million people per 5 million civil servants.

During his speech, President Memur–sen Ali Alchin appealed to the Ministers, chairmen of all political parties of Turkey, heads of public associations, media, chairmen of Confederation committees, as well as guests and delegates of the Congress to form a vision of the future structure of a just society in the world.

As Ali Alchin stressed, the key goal of the Congress is to confront any evil, negative, as well as to solve the problems of workers, protect the rights and interests of citizens.

“Trade unions must always resist the unfair foundations of society. All the tasks and decisions set at the 5th Congress of the Confederation of Memur-sen for the 4-year period were achieved and fulfilled, despite the unrest that took place in the country during this period. Trade unions must fight for higher wages, for decent working conditions for workers, for the dignity and honour of the person at work and for the creation of permanent jobs. Trade unions in the fight against imperialism oppose exploitation, hard working conditions and do not succumb to difficulties,” the head of the Confederation said.

Addressing the social partners, Ali Alchin expressed the intention of trade unions to achieve positive results in the signing of any agreements and recalled that the adoption of any agreements at all levels should take place with the mandatory participation of trade unions.

In addition, he voiced a number of proposals to amend the legislation on the trade Union movement in Turkey.

The speech of the leader of the trade Union movement of civil servants of Turkey deeply impressed the participants, the hall chanted and actively supported all the proposals and appeals of the President of the Confederacy Memur-sen.

In their speeches, the Minister of justice and the Minister of labour and social protection of Turkey noted the important role of the Confederation of Memur-sen in the issues of social partnership, protection of the person of work, as well as the establishment of democracy in the country.

The chairmen of political parties also noted the high role of trade unions in the political life of the country, in the struggle for strengthening the democratic foundations of Turkey.

The speakers expressed their conviction that the Confederation of Memur-sen serves its people.

As a result of the event, the final document — the Declaration of the Congress was adopted.

After the Congress, the participants of the international conference were given a tour of the memorable places of Ankara, during which the guests visited Anitkabir — the mausoleum of the former President of Turkey Kemal Ataturk, the residence of the President of Turkey and other attractions.

Delegates of the Federation of trade unions of Kazakhstan thanked the Turkish colleagues for the special attention and warm welcome, filled with new acquaintances and meetings with colleagues from Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia and other countries.