On April 23, 2019, in the capital’s “House of trade unions”, with the participation of all interested persons, a workshop was held on the problematic issues of passenger transportation, labor protection and safety of workers specializing in the transport of the city of Nur Sultan.

The trade Union center of Nur Sultan and Astana LRT LLP of the Department of passenger transport and highways of Nur Sultan acted as the organizer of this event.

The main theme of the meeting was: “Public transport of the capital. His problems and their solutions”. The meeting was attended by all representatives of the carriers of the capital (8 bus fleets of the city), trade unionists and employees of the authorized body (from the Akimat).

Deputy Chairman of the management Board-member of the Board of LLP “Astana LRT” Beybit Eszhanov in his speech focused on new technologies (system “Ikomek” (109) and summarized the results of the monitoring of his Department. Figures impressed. There is something else to work on, both carriers and the Supervisory authority in the field of passenger transportation of the main city of the country.

As a moderator, a lot of interesting ideas and relevant comments were made to the bus fleets and officials in charge of the work of passenger traffic, Adviser to the Chairman of the Board Erlan Ospanov.

During the meeting were heard reports of the Director of the Moscow Department of transport control S. Shaymerdenov, chief inspector, control and quality E. Ismagulova, etc.

It is noteworthy that this workshop was held within the walls of the capital’s “House of trade Unions”, where disputes between the employer and the employee are usually resolved, explanatory conversations and conciliation procedures are conducted.

In his speech, the Chairman of the trade Union center of Nur Sultan Tastanbek Esentayev focused on the safety and health of workers in the workplace. As you know, at the end of 2018 in the capital killed 15 workers involved mainly on the construction sites of the city. These are sad statistics. Does not remain aloof, and now the tragic cases in the field of passenger transport. The recent car accident with a lethal outcome, which occurred with the Shuttle bus, a living proof of that.

It is necessary to intensify the work of trade Union cells, which on the ground should seek fair treatment from employers. It is no secret that there are cases of processing, lack of sleep, nervous exhaustion of workers, unprofessional attitude to safety, excesses on the part of the heads of bus fleets, etc.

During the discussion of problematic topics, several questions were asked to the speakers. In response to: promises to look into the near future and to solve a number of pressing issues.

The quorum was of the view that such meetings would now have a regular basis and that the time had come to change the format of such meetings so as not to turn them into formal reports and reports.

Representatives of carriers of the capital showed, unfortunately, passivity at this meeting. But let’s hope that further meetings will be held in the format of a round table and constructive discussions, which was called for by the moderator of this meeting.

The result of the meeting was the adoption of a resolution that a public Commission will be created, which will check on the ground the norms and provisions of labor legislation, monitor signals, carry out safety and health checks in bus fleets and report on the “cons” in these enterprises to the management of carriers of the capital.